Nancy Pelosi: Donald Tru, Are H-1B visas being "hijacked" to lower labor costs? and other World news

The world news of 2017-03-19 on Tamugaia - Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump owes Obama an apology, and Are H-1B visas being "hijacked" to lower labor costs?.
Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump owes Obama an apology - ... [ View ]

Are H-1B visas being "hijacked" to lower labor costs? - ... [ View ]

The Week In Pictures: Russian Mermaids, Misery in Mosul and More - ... [ View ]

Tillerson Set For Cordial But Prickly China Visit Amid Wider Tensions - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to press China to use its leverage with North Korea, possibly introducing the idea of imposing sanctions on Chinese companies.... [ View ]

News24.com | Man blamed for 6 deaths asks for clemency - A man blamed for the deaths of six people and serving a life prison sentence wants the governor of Maine to give him another chance.... [ View ]

News24.com | Small Brazil city on edge over yellow fever - A small city in Brazil is on high alert after authorities confirmed the death of a man from yellow fever and are investigating several other possible cases.... [ View ]

News24.com | Brazil president calls emergency meeting over meat scandal - Brazilian President Michel Temer has called an emergency ministerial meeting to deal with a growing scandal over the safety of meat and poultry.... [ View ]

News24.com | Death toll rises to 72 in Peru rains - Peruvian authorities say the intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding being experienced in the country are the worst seen in in two decades.... [ View ]

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