NKorea Threatens 'S, Anarchists Suspected in Rome Bombing and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-24 on Tamugaia - NKorea Threatens 'Sacred War' Amid Tension, and Anarchists Suspected in Rome Bombing.
NKorea Threatens 'Sacred War' Amid Tension - ... [ View ]

Anarchists Suspected in Rome Bombing - ... [ View ]

Russia Welcomes Senate's Approval of Treaty - ... [ View ]

Heathrow Owner Launches Inquiry as Flights Resume - ... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, December 23 - 7,500 laid off in a week/ Far East gang member arrested/ State Duma’s Christmas rush... [ View ]

Left at the Crossroads: The last tango in Delhi - So this is what happened in mid-December in Delhi. Grandfather Wen came with 300 Chinese businessmen, sealed $16 billion worth of trade deals, praised Mahatma Gandhi, quoted the sacred texts of Hinduism, d... [ View ]

Medvedev’s modernization alliance with India - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to India drew to a close on Wednesday. The Indian public will, very likely, remember it for its final part: a meeting with students in Mumbai that gained extensi... [ View ]

Non-lethal firearms are here to stay - It will be harder for Russians to obtain weapons following the passage in the State Duma yesterday of amendments to the Law on Arms, tightening regulations on the civilian possession of weapons, including... [ View ]

When did espionage become so dull? - Hard on the heels of the WikiLeaks scandal comes yet another spy dispute, this time between Russia and Britain.... [ View ]

Two embassies bombed in Rome - ... [ View ]

Indian police issue Mumbai terror alert - ... [ View ]

Preparations under way for Sudan vote - ... [ View ]

New study finds that fluoridated drinking water may lower intelligence of children - Dec. 22, 2010 Somewhere along the line, people who questioned the wisdom of adding fluoride to drinking water supplies started getting lumped in with people who think the Earth is flat. A new study challe... [ View ]

Outcry over U.S. resumption of Haitian deportations - Rights groups are protesting that the U.S. government, while warning its own citizens against travel to Haiti, is resuming the deportation of Haitians to their troubled nation. U.S groups are calling for... [ View ]

Package Bombs at Swiss, Chilean Embassies in Rome; Two Injured - At the Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome, package bombs arrived and exploded; injuring two employees. The first explosive went off at noon at the Swiss embassy, according to a statement from the mission... [ View ]

Nearly 200 Killed In Ivory Coast, U.N. Says - The U.N. deputy human rights commissioner said Thursday at least 173 people had died in violence over the disputed presidential election. In a special session, the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a resol... [ View ]

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