Mystery surrounds huge h, Elephants are more intelligent than we thought and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2017-04-13 on Tamugaia - Mystery surrounds huge haul of WWII dog tags, and Elephants are more intelligent than we thought.
Mystery surrounds huge haul of WWII dog tags - Military expert Dan Mackay found 14,000 Word War II dog tags buried in a field just outside London. The 37-year-old has launched an appeal to reunite ...... [ View ]

Elephants are more intelligent than we thought - New research has shown that elephants possess a level of self-understanding that is rare in animals. The study involved having elephants undertake a ...... [ View ]

Gralien Report Daily News for April 12, 2017 - ... [ View ]

Quit Flying Commercial – This New Flying Car is Taking Off - Are you tired of flying on someone else’s schedule in cramped seats that could be sold to more than one person, forcing you to either bargain for being inconvenienced or claw for your life as you’re fo... [ View ]

Mystery Boom in Maine Baffles Officials, Police - Residents of central Maine were startled by a loud, mysterious boom which was heard throughout several counties on the evening of Sunday, April 9th. Area residents took to Facebook to ask if others heard t... [ View ]

Giant Venomous Cave Spider and Cure for Arachnophobia Found - Just in time for the announcement of the discovery of a softball-sized venomous cave spider in Mexico comes word that a cure for arachnophobia – the fear of spiders (but hopefully not articles about them... [ View ]

Hidden Pagan Fertility Symbols Found in Michelangelo’s Art - Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, better known by his first name alone, is one of the most influential figures in Western art history. Like many artists at the time, Michelangelo’s art went far... [ View ]

Could Having More Bigfoot Skeptics Help Cryptozoology? Maybe So. - “I have a long-term, unshakeable interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve thought about the subject quite a lot,” wrote Darren Naish in June of last year. Naish is a British palaeontologist and science... [ View ]

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