Mysterious sea creature , Final space shuttle mission draws to a close and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-07-22 on Tamugaia - Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach, and Final space shuttle mission draws to a close.
Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach - A couple walking along a Scottish beach came across the remains of a strange sea creature. The 30ft corpse is partly decomposed, experts are still att...... [ View ]

Final space shuttle mission draws to a close - The space shuttle Atlantis has successfully touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The crew of four aboard Atlantis lead by Commander Ch...... [ View ]

First ever photographic portrait revealed - Robert Cornelius took the picture in 1839 about a year after the first ever photo containing a person. Cornelius had set his camera up at the back of ...... [ View ]

Hindus Welcome Miley Cyrus’ Belief In Reincarnation - ... [ View ]

Fear of the Unknown: Another Hairless Creature Killed - ... [ View ]

Alien ET Psychic Future For All of US! We are not Alone Now or Forever! Supreme Beings are Real! - ... [ View ]

If Roswell was extraterrestrial crash, can more details be released? - ... [ View ]

Grotto Ghost video - ... [ View ]

Jamaica Inn Most Haunted Places To Visit - ... [ View ]

McDonald’s Manager Punches Customer With Service Dog In The Face - ... [ View ]

Does Alaska Have a Loch Ness Monster? – MyFox Los Angeles - ... [ View ]

Alaska’s Alleged Sea Monster Caught On Film - ... [ View ]

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