Mysterious Lost Treasure, ‘Vampire Killer’ Caught Posing as a Doctor in Russia and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-02-04 on Tamugaia - Mysterious Lost Treasures of World War II, and ‘Vampire Killer’ Caught Posing as a Doctor in Russia.
Mysterious Lost Treasures of World War II - Tales of lost treasures and priceless artifacts have a certain mysterious charm and mystique to them that have enthralled humankind for centuries. The idea that somewhere out there is a trove of priceless... [ View ]

‘Vampire Killer’ Caught Posing as a Doctor in Russia - Are you one of those people who read the diploma on the wall in your doctor’s waiting room and wonder if it’s real or if it’s a fake to cover up the fact that he was once a blood-drinking vampire wan... [ View ]

New Explanation Offered As To How Alexander The Great Died - It happened over 2,300 years ago, but the mystery surrounding Alexander the Great’s death may have finally been solved. Dr. Katherine Hall, who is a Senior Lecturer at the Dunedin School of Medicine as w... [ View ]

A 13th Century Manuscript About Merlin Has Been Found - If you’ve seen any of the many movies about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, you probably think you know the basics of the story … until you see another one. Throw in Monty Python and th... [ View ]

Bill To Abolish The I.R.S. Repeal The Income Tax and End The Department Of Education H.R. 25 [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

The Mystical Month of February, We are Spirits in Material Space Suits [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

Israeli Scientists Claim A Cure For Cancer May Be Available As Soon As 2020 - Truth Theory By Amanda Froelich / Truth Theory  “You have cancer” are the three words no one wants to hear. Yet, according to cancer.gov, nearly 40% of men and woman will be diagnosed with the aff... [ View ]

What The Establishment MSM Is Not Telling You About The Next Conflict [VIDEO] - ... [ View ]

Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela’s Maduro to Guantánamo Bay Prison - Activist Post By Jessica Corbett (CD) — National Security Adviser John Bolton—the neoconservative who’s played a key role in the Trump administration’s effort to overthrow the Venezuelan gove... [ View ]

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