Mysterious Crying Girl K, 19.17 – MU Podcast and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-05-05 on Tamugaia - Mysterious Crying Girl Keeps Appearing at a Turkish Cemetery, and 19.17 – MU Podcast.
Mysterious Crying Girl Keeps Appearing at a Turkish Cemetery - Not all mysteries at cemeteries are ghosts — or are they? Employees of a cemetery in Turkey have reported seeing a mysterious teenage girl in black clothes and red shoes nightly, crying at one partic... [ View ]

19.17 – MU Podcast - This week we look the head scratching tale of theft detailed in Kirk Johnson’s The Feather Thief and along the way discover the feats of legendary naturalists, the lure of Victorian era feather fash... [ View ]

Sinister Accounts of Evil Haunted Dolls - With their uncanny, creepy little faces and dead eyes, it is perhaps no wonder that dolls have long inspired unease and creepy tales. For just hunks of porcelain, ceramics, or plastic, they have managed to... [ View ]

The First Native American Population Was Just 250 People - No one knows for certain how many Native people were living in the Americas when the first Europeans arrived – some estimates say 18 million in North America and 40 million in the combined continents. Ho... [ View ]

Popular Australian Tourist Attraction Has a Ghost Problem - For many supposedly haunted locations, the possibility of encountering the paranormal can be a huge draw for tourists and their sweet, sweet tourist cash. For those of us that believe or want to believe, a... [ View ]

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