Myanmar: Mobs roam stree, UN to probe chemical weapon use in Syria and other World news

The world news of 2013-03-22 on Tamugaia - Myanmar: Mobs roam streets after riots, and UN to probe chemical weapon use in Syria.
Myanmar: Mobs roam streets after riots - Angry mobs have taken to the streets of a riot-hit Myanmar town for a third day, as international pressure mounts for an end to communal unrest that has left 10 people dead.... [ View ]

UN to probe chemical weapon use in Syria - UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said the United Nations will investigate the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria, which would amount to a crime against humanity.... [ View ]

Accused Italian marines on way to Delhi - Two Italian marines charged with murder in India are on their way back to New Delhi after the government in Rome agreed they should return to face trial, says the foreign ministry.... [ View ]

Indian Supreme Court Upholds Prison Sentence For Bollywood Star Linked To Blasts - Sanjay Dutt has already served 18 months for his role in the 1993 blasts that killed more than 200 people in Mumbai. He was charged with possessing weapons that were given to him by men who were later conv... [ View ]

Italian Marines Accused Of Killing Fishermen Headed Back To India For Trial - The Italian government has reversed itself for a second time and will send two marines to India to face charges relating to the deaths of two fishermen last year.... [ View ]

Face To Face With Death In Iraq - Um Abbas has spent decades performing the Muslim ritual of washing the bodies of the dead to prepare them for burial. The war years in Iraq were terrible, she says, but in some ways, confronting death ever... [ View ]

Syria bomb kills 42, including top cleric - 2:47 PM... [ View ]

100 injured in Canada highway chaos - 11:35 AM... [ View ]

Chemical weapons used in Syria: Israel - 10:30 AM... [ View ]

Obama in direct appeal to young Israelis - 9:45 AM... [ View ]

Car bomb kills 15 at Pakistan refugee camp - 8:38 AM... [ View ]

Elizabeth Warren: Raise minimum wage to $22 an hour - When last we met, the senior senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, was slowly grilling bank regulators over their lack of interest in prosecuting a different, more sinister and harmful kind of ban... [ View ]

Singer-songwriter Shocked tries to apologize for rant at SF nightclub - Singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked tried to apologize Wednesday for an apparent homophobic rant that emptied a San Francisco nightclub a few days before. In a statement sent to media outlets, Shocked said... [ View ]

Hypocrisy and LGBT rights - O, the hypocrisy of believing in the way-shower Jesus and the Bible, but not in gays-lesbians-transgenders-bisexuals, the poor, undocumented immigrants and the rights of women! I write about me to begin t... [ View ]

Europe Court Convicts Hezbollah Agent - ... [ View ]

Death Toll Rises to 20 in Myanmar Religious Riots - ... [ View ]

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