My First Experience - Ha, Ghostly Encounter and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-06 on Tamugaia - My First Experience - Haunted Stair Well, and Ghostly Encounter.
My First Experience - Haunted Stair Well - ... [ View ]

Ghostly Encounter - ... [ View ]

Family Ties - Having a rich Celtic background of Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, ghosts and the paranormal show up in every family story and folklore. My family tells me that I have second sight and I believe it, seeing and... [ View ]

My Sons Paranormal Experience - My son was 6 years old when he had his first encounter with the paranormal. A couple of years ago we were going through our normal bedtime routine bath, brush teeth, give everyone hugs and then tucked into... [ View ]

Office Ghost - It all started on Monday at 2:00 p.m. I was helping my mom at her office. She sent me in the back room to shred some important papers. I turned to the back of the room were the cleaning supplies were when... [ View ]

Pleiadian Humans - ... [ View ]

Author: Washington, DC is portal for negative grey ETs; humanity must invite positive ETs - ... [ View ]

UFO – Sullivan, Missouri - ... [ View ]

Second NEW ‘Roswell’ UFO Grey Hybrids Clip Released 2011 HD Alleged ‘Alien’ or Timetraveller - ... [ View ]

UFO sighting over the Valleys, Wales - ... [ View ]

Obama UFO Disclosure Plans - ... [ View ]

UFOs & Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video – Alien Technology - ... [ View ]

Water -- and life? -- on Mars (About) - ... [ View ]

Your view: Life on Mars? (About) - ... [ View ]

Developing Your Psychic Abilities (About) - ... [ View ]

NASA finds possible water flowing on Mars - NASA have announced the discovery of evidence suggesting salt water flows on the surface of Mars. The find is based on photographs from the Mars Recon...... [ View ]

178-year-old tortoise is oldest animal - Jonathan the tortoise is the oldest known animal alive today having survived for almost two centuries. Jonathan arrived on the South Atlantic island o...... [ View ]

BBC radio deluged with calls about UFO - A UFO sighting by BBC sports reporter Mike Sewell has been generating great interest on BBC Radio 5 Live. Sewell had been on his way to Stansted airpo...... [ View ]

Man attempts to build nuclear reactor - A man in Sweden was arrested after he was caught trying to construct a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. The 31-year-old had undertaken the DIY project ...... [ View ]

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