My Farm Life, The Curse of the Thirty Denarii and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-03-31 on Tamugaia - My Farm Life, and The Curse of the Thirty Denarii.
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The Curse of the Thirty Denarii - ... [ View ]

Red Dragon Rampage - In the action game Red Dragon Rampage you are a small dragon with the task to protect your father dragon and the treasure. Attack enemy units or throw them away to earn cash and try to survive each wave. U... [ View ]

Front Runner - In the space shooter Front Runner you fly a space ship hunting for Red Ivan and other bosses. Destroy all enemy units and collect the notes to spend them on upgrading your ship. Survive all levels and rest... [ View ]

Little Liquidator - In the action game Little Liquidator you are a squid who has sprayed acid ink on a little fish. Every fish is mad at you and wants to attack you. Avoid them and use your acid to get rid of them. Survive fo... [ View ]

Fun Da Vinci - In the physics puzzle game Fun Da Vinci it is your goal to get the ball from the cannon into the basket each level. Use the items from the menu to succeed and proceed to the next level.... [ View ]

Expand It - In the physics based puzzle game you are challenged to get one or more shapes above the yellow rope in order to advance to the next level. By clicking on the shapes they will expand in size to cause a chai... [ View ]

Nintendo 3DS: What You Think - ... [ View ]

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review - ... [ View ]

Looking for an iPad 2? - ... [ View ]

Algebra Foods - Puzzles Games, Play Free Algebra Foods Online Now - Find the price of each of the three foods and once you find the correct answer then remember the price of all to solve the next level. After that one question is given to you and you have to give the corre... [ View ]

Galactic Titans - Racing Games, Play Free Galactic Titans Online Now - Galactic Titans is a fast-paced racing game that is set in the galaxy. Just put your driving skill to be ultimate car driver and conquer the universe. Seat in car and accelerate to travel in the race of im... [ View ]

Space Checkers - Puzzles Games, Play Free Space Checkers Online Now - In this puzzle game, you have to manage space balls, jump by balls over another and leave only one in space. Just go through all 20 logic levels and enjoy the fantastic puzzle game. You will see your final... [ View ]

Slings 2 - Action Games, Play Free Slings 2 Online Now - The Slings 2 is the game that you can play as a single or double. Here, you have to move your sling to hit your enemy without failure. Try to stay a live more than your partner using your 5 lives. Choose y... [ View ]

Project Mayhem - Shooter Games, Play Free Project Mayhem Online Now - The Project Mayhem is the game in which you have to shoot the enemies using with primary and secondary weapon. You have 40 seconds and 3 lives to complete the game. Try to stay a long time to get the high... [ View ]

Nintendo building new R&D facility in Kyoto - ... [ View ]

Let It Ride Tips & Strategies at Gambling Teachers - ... [ View ]

Hideo Kojima Promoted to Konami Vice President - His first goal is to hopefully pump more Metal Gear Solid titles into the world.... [ View ]

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile dev diary channels the MTV spirit of old - ... [ View ]

List of Best FREE Online Games and Downloadable Games updated Wed Mar 30 2011 11:20 pm CDT - ... [ View ]

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