Monday will be year̵, Massive Explosion Near Mexico City Kills 13 and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-20 on Tamugaia - Monday will be year’s busiest day for USPS, and Massive Explosion Near Mexico City Kills 13.
Monday will be year’s busiest day for USPS - Dec. 19, 2010 If you think your preparations for Christmas has been hectic, just be thankful you don’t have to handle 800 million pieces of mail on one day. That’s the task fac... [ View ]

Massive Explosion Near Mexico City Kills 13 - A massive explosion in an oil pipeline near Mexico City has killed 13 people and caused widespread damage. The explosion is blamed on theives tapping into the pipeline in order to steal and resell the pet... [ View ]

Lukashenko wins as protestors attack Parliament - Thousands of Belarusians were brutally dispersed in clashes with Interior Ministry troops late Sunday when opposition protestors tried to storm Parliament after preliminary results showed strongman Preside... [ View ]

Belarus: Between Russia and the EU - President Alexander Lukashenko has ruled over Belarus’ ailing command economy with an iron fist since 1994, relying on Russian energy subsidies while deftly sidestepping pressure to integrate with its ol... [ View ]

Taliban kill 13 Afghan soldiers, police - Taliban fighters struck at Afghan security forces Sunday, storming an army recruiting center in the north that sparked a daylong gunbattle, and ambushing a bus carrying army officers in the capital.... [ View ]

Security Council fails to agree on Koreas statement - The U.N. Security Council emergency session amid rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula ended after more than eight hours without an agreement.... [ View ]

Snow, ice ground planes, halt trains in Europe - Heavy snow on Sunday shut down European airport runways, forced fast trains to slow down on a weekend where many people were trying to head home for the holidays.... [ View ]

Police in Iran streets as subsidies are cut - The Iranian government sent squads of riot police to man the major intersections of the capital as sensitive cuts in energy and food subsidies came into effect Sunday.... [ View ]

Unions warn of massive cuts strikes - ... [ View ]

Snow hits Christmas travel plans - ... [ View ]

UN ordered to leave Ivory Coast - ... [ View ]

Anthony Howard dies at 76 - ... [ View ]

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