Mom among 4 arrested for, Turkey: Shocking proof journalist was murdered in consulate and other World news

The world news of 2018-10-13 on Tamugaia - Mom among 4 arrested for trying to sell babies on Instagram, and Turkey: Shocking proof journalist was murdered in consulate.
Mom among 4 arrested for trying to sell babies on Instagram - ... [ View ]

Turkey: Shocking proof journalist was murdered in consulate - ... [ View ]

The Increasingly Menacing Tone of Trump's Rallies - Susan Glasser, The New YorkerIt’s not a reality show. It’s real.... [ View ]

Liberalism an Increasingly Uncivil Ideology - George Neumayr, The American SpectatorYet Hillary and Holder would insist that they have better manners than Kanye.... [ View ]

Mitch McConnell Is Going to Kill the U.S. Senate - Jim Manley, The Daily BeastAnd the truth is, he doesn’t care so long as he gets his judges.... [ View ]

Kavanaugh's Character Assassinated by Cowardly Senate Dems - Fred Barnes, TWSThe 11 Republicans were the majority, but Democrats had one big advantage. The media were on their side, ready to help derail Kavanaugh in any way they could.... [ View ]

Kanye's Minstrel Show Has His Mom Rolling Over in Her Grave - Don Lemon, CNNCNN’s Don Lemon tore into Kanye West‘s Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump, incensed by what he called an embarrassment to the African American community and America... [ View ]

WATCH: World News 10/11/18: The Aftermath of Hurricane Michael in Florida - Kanye West visits the White House for a meeting with Trump; First lady Melania Trump not holding back... [ View ]

WATCH: World News 10/10/18: Hurricane Michael rips roofs off buildings as it strikes Florida - Hurricane Michael leaves at least 200K Floridians in the dark; Georgia, Carolinas bracing for hit as Hurricane Michael nears... [ View ]

WATCH: World News 10/09/18: Florida Bracing For Hurricane Michael - UN ambassador Nikki Haley resigns unexpectedly; Drew Brees sets all-time passing-yardage record... [ View ]

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