Modern Warfare 3 Feature, Square Enix Announces Plans for Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-10-17 on Tamugaia - Modern Warfare 3 Features Disability-Friendly Control Scheme, and Square Enix Announces Plans for Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0.
Modern Warfare 3 Features Disability-Friendly Control Scheme - ... [ View ]

Square Enix Announces Plans for Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 - ... [ View ]

Wargames Foundry new Undead Cavalry - Wargames Foundry has new undead calvary models. From their announcement: Terrifying new models for your Undead Armies; decaying cavalrymen on skeletal horses!... [ View ]

War Griffon Miniatures October Release - War Griffon Miniatures has posted up their October releases. From their website: This months release from War Griffon Miniatures is Autumn a female druid available from Model Display Products. For those th... [ View ]

Scibor releases Ogre Slaughterer - Scibor has released their new Ogre Slaughterer. From their website: Model is made of high quality resin and provided with 40mm square scenic base. It is unpainted and requires assembling.... [ View ]

Tale of War October new releases - Tale Of War has posted up about their october releases. From their announcement: Here comes the new pirate mini of the wildest pirate game of our seas… An old friend of mine, but a little bit younger... [ View ]

Review on Mantic KoW Goreriders - Brueckenkopf Online does an unboxing and review of the recently released Orc Goreriders for Kings of War From their announcement: The Gore Riders / blood Boar Cavalry Mantic for Kings of War have been rele... [ View ]

Australians prepare to get their Saints on - ... [ View ]

New Cave Story 3D screenshots shoot in - ... [ View ]

Prototype 2 trailer shows explosive battle - ... [ View ]

Watch this impressive Battlefield 3 presentation - ... [ View ]

Dark Souls Keys Location Guide - SegmentNext - "Find all the keys to unlock secret passageways and locked doors in Dark Souls."... [ View ]

Final Fantasy Type 0 New scan - New scan of FF Type 0 from Jump magazine.... [ View ]

G.NA is Korean spokesmodel for online game - It looks likes fans of Korean singer G.NA will be scrambling to download the online RPG Maestia, thanks to a special event created by the developers of Wide Online.... [ View ]

EB Expo 2011 Review Part 1: The Best and the Worst - ... [ View ]

Digital Distribution - Good or Bad? | The Game Fanatics - Its crazy to think that only 10 years ago, most people still used dial-up 56k connections and it would take them 5 to 10 minutes to download a song. Now days, we can download game demos in that time! As in... [ View ]

Uncharted 3 to have the biggest marketing push ever by Sony UK - ... [ View ]

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