Moby Dick 2, Necronator 2 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-12-03 on Tamugaia - Moby Dick 2, and Necronator 2.
Moby Dick 2 - In the arcade game Moby Dick 2 you are a whale and it is your mission to cause as much mayhem and destroction on humans as possible. Wreck ships, eat humans and destroy balloons. Gather points to upgrade a... [ View ]

Necronator 2 - In the strategy game Necronator 2 your goal is to conquer as many land as you can. Select a side of humans or undead and start your attacks. Earn cash to buy new spells, units and upgrades.Play Necronator... [ View ]

Briker 2 - In the puzzle game Briker 2 your goal is to get the blue block in the golden square to proceed to the next level. Make sure the blue block does not fall from the platform.... [ View ]

Long Way - In the strategy game Long Way you play a tower defense in a wild western theme. Protect your bulls and destroyl the bad guys each level using cowboys and devices. Complete quests, earn cash to hire new cow... [ View ]

Nutty Boom - In the physics puzzle Nutty Boom your goal is to get the squirrel to the exit point while collecting as much acorn as possible. Use bombs to guide the squirrel.... [ View ]

Exclusive: Rift's "Instant Adventure" going live next week - ... [ View ]

Repulse: First look at Aeria’s next sci-fi shooter - ... [ View ]

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hits PS3 on Dec 6, PC and 360 versions arriving one week later - ... [ View ]

Exclusive: Trion planning to “drive a wedge” between Rift’s factions this March - ... [ View ]

First artwork shows up for Square Enix's Unreal Engine RPG - ... [ View ]

What is Ni No Kuni? - ... [ View ]

Nintendo Voice Chat: Zelda Spoilercast Coming Soon - ... [ View ]

Master Chief Will Change in Halo 4 - ... [ View ]

Microsoft Flight Needs Beta Testers - A select group of gamers will be able to try out the flight simulator in January.... [ View ]

Four Gameplay Mechanics That Should Have Caught On - In spite of their potential, these ideas somehow slipped through the cracks.... [ View ]

Minecraft Creator Moving on to New Projects - Jens Bergensten takes over as lead developer on Minecraft.... [ View ]

Bottle Caps - Board Games, Play Free Bottle Caps Online Now - Bottle Caps is a match3 game with simple functionality. Here, player has to swap two bottle caps and match them in row. Try to match more and more tiles in given time limit to make a great score. Have a fu... [ View ]

Present Stacker - Action Games, Play Free Present Stacker Online Now - Play Present Stacker, a kind of balancing game! Here, player has to stack the presents properly on top of each other. Try the best to stack more and more presents to make a good score. Have a fun!!... [ View ]

Lielpils Castle - Puzzles Games, Play Free Lielpils Castle Online Now - Lielpils Castle is very challenging and captivating hidden object puzzle game! Player has to travel around different locations of the Lielpils castle and then find out the object to solve the puzzle. Avoid... [ View ]

Monsters in Bunnyland - Action Games, Play Free Monsters in Bunnyland Online Now - Monsters in Bunnyland is appealing and captivation action game! Two monsters are lost their way in the Bunnyland. Player has to help them to come out of it by using their brain! Varieties of unique levels... [ View ]

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