Michael Grimm Resists Ca, Watch: Countdown to Christmas: Made in America and other World news

The world news of 2014-12-24 on Tamugaia - Michael Grimm Resists Calls for Resignation After Guilty Plea to Tax Charge, and Watch: Countdown to Christmas: Made in America.
Michael Grimm Resists Calls for Resignation After Guilty Plea to Tax Charge - Rep. Michael Grimm pleaded guilty to a felony tax charge in arguably the highest-profile public corruption case in New York in decades.... [ View ]

Watch: Countdown to Christmas: Made in America - See the big push this holiday to buy products made by companies right here at home.... [ View ]

North Korean Internet Crashes for Second Time in Two Days - The Internet in North Korea has crashed for the second time in as many days, according to an Internet performance research company.... [ View ]

Japan parliament re-elects Abe as PM - 5:18 PM... [ View ]

World to witness Aceh tsunami recovery - 2:18 PM... [ View ]

France boosts security after attacks - 1:10 PM... [ View ]

Ex-porn actor guilty of murder in Canada - 9:10 AM... [ View ]

Porn Star Gets Life For Chopping Up Lover - Luke Magnotta killed engineering student Jun Lin and then posted his body parts to schools and political parties in Canada.... [ View ]

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Southern United States - A state of emergency is in place in Mississippi after devastating tornadoes flipped cars and left many trapped in their homes.... [ View ]

Gunman Held In Cannes As Troops Deployed - A man "armed to the teeth" with weapons is arrested, as soldiers are deployed onto the streets after a spate of lone-wolf attacks.... [ View ]

Cubans Celebrate The Return Of Three Last Spies - The three intelligence agents were the remaining imprisoned members of the Cuban Five spy ring. Cubans view them as heroes: Their faces are everywhere, and Cubans even know them by their first names.... [ View ]

Sony Is Not a Hero for Getting Hacked - Holman Jenkins, Wall St. Journal... [ View ]

Republicans Try to Break the CBO - Brian Beutler, The New Republic... [ View ]

If Single Payer Can't Work in Vermont... - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg... [ View ]

A Scandal in Our Prisons - Ruth Marcus, Washington PostWASHINGTON -- Neli Latson has a music player. Also, he can order snacks from the canteen, and leave his cell for several hours a day.This is good news, or what passes for it, i... [ View ]

Progressive Movement's Anti-Cop Narrative - Peter Wehner, Commentary... [ View ]

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