Men In Black / Jump Stre, Eddie Murphy says he won’t do Beverly Hills Cop 4 unless the script is “incredible” and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-01-15 on Tamugaia - Men In Black / Jump Street crossover still a possibility?, and Eddie Murphy says he won’t do Beverly Hills Cop 4 unless the script is “incredible”.
Men In Black / Jump Street crossover still a possibility? - One of the more bizarre emails leaked in the Sony hacking saga was one that mooted the possibility of a crossover movie between the Men In Black and Jump... [ View ]

Eddie Murphy says he won’t do Beverly Hills Cop 4 unless the script is “incredible” - Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been in the works for a little while now, with Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec having penned a script, Brett Ratner in place to... [ View ]

If these 14 games get announced in 2015, we'll eat our controllers - ... [ View ]

7 games where you can kill your allies, you jerk - ... [ View ]

Teaser Trailer for Seasons After Fall - Seasons After Fall allow the player to interact in a 2D world as a tiny fox.... [ View ]

Schoolgirl Honoka Joins The Battle In Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - A new challenger.... [ View ]

Pillars of Eternity Release Date - ... [ View ]

New Rhythm Heaven Tapping And Sliding Onto 3DS, Features 100 Minigames - In the clouds.... [ View ]

Rumor: Creative Assembly is Working on Total War: Warhammer - ... [ View ]

Toy Factory - Race to save Christmas!... [ View ]

Jewel Match: Snowscapes - Match your way through a magical, snowy winterland!... [ View ]

Lucky Luke: Shoot & Hit - Become the best gunslinger in the West!... [ View ]

Hotline Miami 2 banned in Australia for violent rape scene - Australia has banned Hotline Miami 2 over a particularly gory sexual scene... [ View ]

How many dragons killed in Dragon Age: Inquisition? - Dragon Age: Inquisition sends you head to head against some epic dragons. Many have been killed - are you part of that statistic or do you need some help to get it done?... [ View ]

The Battlefield Hardline beta will be available on all platforms - The Battlefield series has always been big on multiplayer, and it looks like the latest cops and robbers incarnation will also be hitting beta soon.... [ View ]

GameStop bridges product research, in-store experience via streaming video - Consumer electronics retailer GameStop is using Microsoft cloud platform Azure to stream video game and promotional content to customers’ and store associates smartphones and Windows tablets, aiming to p... [ View ]

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