Megalodon teeth had buil, Hawking helps launch major new hunt for ET and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2015-07-21 on Tamugaia - Megalodon teeth had built-in toothpaste, and Hawking helps launch major new hunt for ET.
Megalodon teeth had built-in toothpaste - The largest shark to ever live was able to eat whatever it wanted without having to worry about cavities. The gargantuan carnivore, which grew up to 6...... [ View ]

Hawking helps launch major new hunt for ET - A new $100 million endeavor has been launched to look for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Professor Stephen Hawking joined a number of oth...... [ View ]

A Moment Of Comfort - ... [ View ]

Other Experiences In This House - ... [ View ]

Unexpected Sightings - ... [ View ]

The Old Lady And The Little Girl - ... [ View ]

Shape-changing UFO Triangle Filmed Over Tijuana, Mexico - ... [ View ]

CNN Reporter-Crisis Actor Barbara Starr Reports About Chattanooga False Flag - ... [ View ]

Sphere Alliance Message: DNA Storage and Harvesting by Galactic Travelers - ... [ View ]

Catherine Austin Fitts says the central banking warfare model is wearing thin - ... [ View ]

WHAT REALLY IS THE MATRIX – the movie you didn´t see - ... [ View ]

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