Medicare is already heav, Republicans in key 2016 states praise Rubio response and other Internet news

The internet news of 2013-02-13 on Tamugaia - Medicare is already heavily means-tested, and Republicans in key 2016 states praise Rubio response.
Medicare is already heavily means-tested - Philip KleinDuring his State of the Union speech, President Obama proposed “ask(ing) more from the wealthiest seniors” as a possible way to save money on Medicare.Read more on WashingtonExaminer.com... [ View ]

Republicans in key 2016 states praise Rubio response - ... [ View ]

Obama lays groundwork to bypass Congress in second term - Philip KleinGoing into his second term, President Obama is facing a dilemma. On the one hand, he still wants to pursue an ambitious liberal legislative agenda.Read more on WashingtonExaminer.com... [ View ]

Rand Paul: We want you to have a job, not a free Obamaphone - ... [ View ]

Will somebody please tell the president China’s green energy investments are failing too? - Sean HigginsIn his state of the union speech tonight, President Obama again made the case for the US continuing to pour money into green energy investment programs.Read more on WashingtonExaminer.com... [ View ]

VMware to Acquire Storage Hypervisor Software Developer Virsto - ... [ View ]

IaaS Provider ProfitBricks Names HP Veteran Senior Director of Platform Evangelism - ... [ View ]

Web Host DreamHost Launches Online Community Site DreamScape - ... [ View ]

Cloud Automation Platform Appcore Names Chief Technology Officer - ... [ View ]

When Buzzwords Aren’t Enough: Adobe Summit - [Translate] Adobe Summit, THE digital marketing conference, is set for March 4-8 in Salt Lake City Utah. If you need help to convince your boss to get you there, we have a letter you can use, or just send... [ View ]

An Adult Science Fair - [Translate] Note: This post is cross-posted from Mike Dillon’s personal blog.  I’m in the 5th grade. For weeks, I’ve been working on paper mache model of a volcano. With my father’s assistance I... [ View ]

How to change renal condition by making use of renal failure diet? - ... [ View ]

Take care of your silver jewelry - ... [ View ]

Suwnice podwieszane - ... [ View ]

Ways to create your muscle tissue quickly within just month or so? - ... [ View ]

Can you get your boyfriend back after a separation? - ... [ View ]

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