Mandela: A Rare Success , Thai King Calls For Stability Amid Political Unrest and other World news

The world news of 2013-12-06 on Tamugaia - Mandela: A Rare Success As Liberation Leader And President, and Thai King Calls For Stability Amid Political Unrest.
Mandela: A Rare Success As Liberation Leader And President - The transition from one role to the other is difficult, and many have failed making the attempt. Nelson Mandela was a rare example who succeeded in both jobs. In addition, he willingly stepped down after o... [ View ]

Thai King Calls For Stability Amid Political Unrest - Speaking on the occasion of his 86th birthday, the ailing monarch asked Thais to do their duty to ensure stability and security in the nation.... [ View ]

Viewpoints: Saudi Arabia's Geopolitical Maneuvers - In its battle for regional dominance and ongoing rivalry with Shi'ite Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia is currently involved in a number of strategic battles throughout the Middle East.... [ View ]

Nelson Mandela dies: live reaction from around the world - Former South African president Nelson Mandela has died aged 95 - watch live scenes from South Africa and reaction from world leaders... [ View ]

Nelson Mandela dies: reaction and developments - live - Follow the latest developments following the death of former South African President and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela... [ View ]

Nelson Mandela Tributes From Around The World - Mr Mandela is hailed as a "towering figure" and "one for the ages" as world leaders react to news he has lost his final battle.... [ View ]

Nelson Mandela: An Inspirational Life - Nelson Mandela spent his life fighting for what most would agree was a moral cause, and he paid a bitter personal price.... [ View ]

Al-Qaeda claims attack on Yemen complex - 7:06 PM... [ View ]

Anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela dies - 6:26 PM... [ View ]

Mandela bent history towards justice - 3:16 PM... [ View ]

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