Man jailed for spitting , Months of treatment for face-chewing victim and other World news

The world news of 2012-05-31 on Tamugaia - Man jailed for spitting on Putin portrait, and Months of treatment for face-chewing victim.
Man jailed for spitting on Putin portrait - A Russian court has sent an activist to jail for 15 days after finding him guilty of spitting on a portrait of President Vladimir Putin at a protest.... [ View ]

Months of treatment for face-chewing victim - A homeless man whose face was mostly chewed off in a bizarre, vicious attack will require months of treatment to rebuild his features and be permanently disfigured, experts of facial reconstruction say.... [ View ]

Obama Campaign May Be Fooling Itself - Michael Barone, DC Examiner"Axelrod is endeavoring not to panic." So reads a sentence in John Heilemann's exhaustive article on Barack Obama's campaign in this week's New York mag... [ View ]

The Stakes in the Walker Recall - E.J. Dionne, The New RepublicWASHINGTON -- Recalls and impeachments are a remedy of last resort. Most of the time, voters who don't like an incumbent choose to live with the offending politician unti... [ View ]

Liberals Rig the Rules to Win - George Will, Washington PostMontana uses an interesting argument to justify defiance of a Supreme Court decision: Because the state is particularly prone to political corruption, it should be trusted to c... [ View ]

Down with Religion? - Charles Blow, New York TimesEveryone knows that America is far more religious than most other developed countries.Religious people tout our fervor as what makes us special (said in a proud Ronald Reagan v... [ View ]

Church Is Still Not State - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street JournalHow ironic it will be if Catholic voters, about 27% of the electorate, put the first Mormon in the White House some 50 years after John F. Kennedy became the first Cat... [ View ]

Seattle cops: Gunman shot self - ... [ View ]

Facebook shares continue slide - ... [ View ]

What it takes to live beyond 100 - ... [ View ]

Hornets win NBA draft lottery - ... [ View ]

Yemen Food Crisis: 300,000 Kids Are Starving - Hundreds of thousands of children are facing life-threatening levels of starvation in Yemen as a food crisis grips the nation.... [ View ]

Syrian Rebels Set Peace Deadline For Assad - ... [ View ]

Seattle Gunman Kills Five And Shoots Himself - A gunman who opened fire at a Seattle cafe killing five people and critically wounding one other shot himself as officers closed in on him.... [ View ]

Aozora Alliance - PLX Technology Sold For $330m. - Aozora Alliance: Integrated Device Technology has agreed to purchase PLX Technology for $330 million. Analog chipmaker Integrated Device Technology Inc. has agreed to buy rival PLX Technology Inc. in a de... [ View ]

Branded Cars with amazing features and Price in India - Some cars are very popular amongst the people in India for their performance and features. Most featured cars of the companies these days are Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Hummer and Audi. These car brands offer... [ View ]

Kofi Annan: Syria at critical situation as Assad must act now - The international mediator Kofi Annan on Wednesday said the situation in Syria is critical and urged Bashar al-Assad to "take bold steps now" to stop the violence, citing a "tur... [ View ]

Macbook Pro 2012 release may reveal redesign surprise - Apple is expected to unveil the new 2012 Macbook Pro on June 11, at the World Wide Development Conference (WWDC). The changes in Apple,s most popular laptop are expected to include the most significant up... [ View ]

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