Magic: The Gathering Puz, Greenbrier Games Announces Folklore: The Affliction Coming to Kickstarter and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-08-26 on Tamugaia - Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest Coming Soon, and Greenbrier Games Announces Folklore: The Affliction Coming to Kickstarter.
Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest Coming Soon - Confession: I am a match-3 addict. I’ve got an endless game of Bejeweled that I’ve been playing for around a decade or so on my computer. I’d not joined in a crowdfunding campaign for yea... [ View ]

Greenbrier Games Announces Folklore: The Affliction Coming to Kickstarter - Are you afraid of what goes “bump” in the night? I’m not because it’s probably just my damn neighbors making noise again. Gah! Anyway, if you lived in the world of Folklore: the Aff... [ View ]

Malifaux Worldwide Campaign Signups Going On Now - Wyrd tossed in the little snippet that they were taking sign-ups for their Malifaux Worldwide Campaign in their Monday preview yesterday. Now we’ve got a bit more detail to go on, including what the... [ View ]

TGN Review: Fate of Akalon: Tribes by Foursight Games - War! Yeah! Huh! What is it good for? … killing some time when you’ve got a pack of cards and an opponent. Everyone knows the age-old game of “high card wins.” But what if you want something a bit l... [ View ]

Oni Card Game Up On Kickstarter - Spring has come (well, coming to the Southern Hemisphere, anyway)! It’s time to go out and look at all the life coming back to the land. But don’t get too distracted or a tricky Oni may try and... [ View ]

Get a taste of the 'jolly splatterfest' in Ash Vs. Evil Dead - Get your boomsticks at the ready, for Ash Williams returns! This Halloween the eagerly-awaited sequel series Ash Vs. Evil Dead arrives for a glorious... [ View ]

Blade reboot rumored to focus on the Daywalker's daughter - Since Marvel regained the rights to Blade back in 2013, talk of another spin at the vampiric franchise has fired up every now and again, a result of... [ View ]

I Got Next: Link to the Past with the Zelda symphony's producer - August 3rd marked the 15th anniversary of Dreamcast JRPG classic Grandia II, but Maxwell McGee and Lorenzo Veloria are celebrating a little late with the... [ View ]

Asian markets in volatile mood as China rate cuts fail to calm nerves – live - Stock markets continue to be volatile as investors fear China riskUS stock market gains wiped out to close second volatile day on Wall StreetChina crisis interactive: from peak to Black MondayLondon market... [ View ]

Twitch Plays Dark Souls has beaten the taurus demon, but does it stand a chance in Anor Londo? - Twitch Plays Dark Souls has beaten the Taurus Demon Things can only get worse from here, though. More info  ... [ View ]

Hard West Video Demonstrates A Bank Robbery With Undead Cowboys - The upcoming wild west, turn-based action-RPG from Creative Forge Games is set for release this autumn on Steam. I haven’t...... [ View ]

Dark Souls - Has it burnt itself out? - ... [ View ]

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