Looney Labs Announces An, Capers RPG Up On Kickstarter and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-03-08 on Tamugaia - Looney Labs Announces Anatomy Fluxx, and Capers RPG Up On Kickstarter.
Looney Labs Announces Anatomy Fluxx - Fluxx is a game that can be nearly-infinitely reskinned to bring in new themes. But more than just adding different art, it gives the folks over at Looney Labs to come up with new mechanics to try out as w... [ View ]

Capers RPG Up On Kickstarter - Ah, the Roaring 20s. Mobsters, bootleggers, tommy-guns, and super-powered gangsters. What? You don’t remember that? Well, maybe I’m just thinking of Capers, a new RPG that’s up on Kicksta... [ View ]

Infinity: Adventures in the Human Sphere Now Available In Print - Sure, digital editions of books are great when you want to carry around several all in one device. But… I dunno, I’m always going to prefer the actual article in my hand. That’s why IR... [ View ]

Core Space Sci-Fi Minis Board Game Available For Pre-Order - Battle Systems has started taking pre-orders for their Core Space sci-fi miniatures board game. They had a successful Kickstarter and now’s your chance if you missed out to still get your name on the... [ View ]

Forgive Me My Henchmen is now on kickstarter - The indie game Forgive Me My Henchmen has started its kickstarter campaign. The campaign runs until the end of March.... [ View ]

Terrain Rendering - ... [ View ]

Xilvan Design announcements for 2018! - ... [ View ]

a game i developed :D - ... [ View ]

[Free][Android] Cascade 3D - Ball Bearing Elevator Bounce Catch Physics Simulator & Game - ... [ View ]

Audio Programmer C++ interview questions - I am looking for programming tips and interview questions which might be relevant to an audio programmer looking to get into the game industry. I have experience in Audio DSP, Unity and a little C++. What... [ View ]

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