LeetUP geek-culture even, Kingdoms of Amalur: Online Pass required for selected quests and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-01-28 on Tamugaia - LeetUP geek-culture events to debut in LA this March, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Online Pass required for selected quests.
LeetUP geek-culture events to debut in LA this March - ... [ View ]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Online Pass required for selected quests - ... [ View ]

Sony announces Twisted Metal multiplayer demo and live event - ... [ View ]

Street Fighter x Tekken: Pac-Man and Mega Man (sort of) join Sony-exclusive cast - ... [ View ]

The Darkness II gets torn up in latest trailer - ... [ View ]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review in Progress - ... [ View ]

Sol: Exodus Review - ... [ View ]

Legacy Miniatures releases new Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers - Legacy Miniatures releases the the next wave of never released Confrontation models. From their release: Just as the very last Militia of Cadwallon got sold, here is another 6 never released Cadwallon Guil... [ View ]

Wizkids preview Marvel HeroClix: Morg - Wizkids post a preview of the Marvel HeroClix model and stats for Morg. From their preview: Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians Preview #8 - Morg... [ View ]

Geek Chic Event ends soon - Geek Chic, manufacturer of high quality gaming tables, is about to end their In stock event sale. From their post: End of the year inventory is done, and we have a few pieces and parts that could use good... [ View ]

Battlefoam releases new Legion of Everblight Foam - Battlefoam releases new Legion of Everblight foam, for the Raptors and the new Battle Engine. From their website: Legion 1 This tray will hold one Throne of Everblight Battle Engine and five Warbeasts. Thi... [ View ]

Mantic Games previews Twilight Kin Spearman kit and - Mantic Games previews their Twilight Kin Spearman Kit. From their post: It’s Friday afternoon and it’s gotten dark outside, which can mean only one thing – the naughty Elves are out to play! The Twil... [ View ]

Chinese Room Escape - Puzzles Games, Play Free Chinese Room Escape Online Now - In this Chinese Room Escape, player has to find out different objects and use them to escape from the room. Player has to find out keys and many different things. Now try to solve this puzzle. Best luck!!!... [ View ]

Santa Gift Catcher - Action Games, Play Free Santa Gift Catcher Online Now - ... [ View ]

Attrition - Action Games, Play Free Attrition Online Now - The main goal of this Attrition game is to survive for long time by creating perfect defense wall. Enemies attack from every direction so player has to just arrange different patterns to block their way. N... [ View ]

the Lance of Samurai - Action Games, Play Free the Lance of Samurai Online Now - The main goal of this The Lance of Samurai game is to attack on enemies while riding on the horse. Player has to try to kill enemies as many as possible. If player successfully completes level, next level... [ View ]

Balloon Blaster - Action Games, Play Free Balloon Blaster Online Now - ... [ View ]

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