Laserburn Showcase and O, CoolMiniOrNot launches Rum and Bones Facebook page and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2014-07-31 on Tamugaia - Laserburn Showcase and Offer, and CoolMiniOrNot launches Rum and Bones Facebook page.
Laserburn Showcase and Offer - ... [ View ]

CoolMiniOrNot launches Rum and Bones Facebook page - ... [ View ]

August offers at Alternative Armies - ... [ View ]

Fantasy Flight Games stays on target - ... [ View ]

Opacite Studios is doing Alpha Testing on The Dark Cometh - ... [ View ]

PS Now beta open to all US PS4 owners from Thursday - ... [ View ]

Huge EU PS Store Summer Sale commences - ... [ View ]

The Sims 4 video gets all emotional - ... [ View ]

3.5 Million PS4, PS3 and PS2 Combined Sold in Q1 2014; Sony Returns to Be Profitable - Sony just announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, together with how many home and portable consoles were sold in the past three months.... [ View ]

Taking a fan to a gun fight: the 5 worst weapons in Asian gaming - Asia has created some of the greatest gaming weaponry of all time, from Clouds Buster Sword to Bayonettas badass hairdo. With the good comes the bad, and for every awe-inspiring Sword of Sparda, theres som... [ View ]

Studio Guts reveal their Kickstarter for Aegis Defenders - Today Studio Guts reveal their Kickstarter campaign for Aegis Defenders, a 16-bit tactical platformer.... [ View ]

Full Details of the Comic-Con Witcher 3 Panel - A rundown of what was revealed at the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt panel at the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego.... [ View ]

Flappy TimberBird - The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide - WP - "Flappy TimberBird is a hilariously epic mashup/parody of two of the most popular and simplest iOS and Android games to date - of course, that being Flappy Bird and Timberman. Flappy TimberBird plays... [ View ]

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