Kitten Casualty – , Forsaken Forest: Revival Up On Kickstarter and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-06-01 on Tamugaia - Kitten Casualty – The Remastered Edition Up On Kickstarter, and Forsaken Forest: Revival Up On Kickstarter.
Kitten Casualty – The Remastered Edition Up On Kickstarter - It’s not just older games that can sometimes use a freshening up. Relatively recent ones can, too. Take, for example, Kitten Casualty. It’s still a young one, games-speaking, but they’ve... [ View ]

Forsaken Forest: Revival Up On Kickstarter - It’s always good when companies listen to their customers. How better to find out what they want than to simply go, “what do you want?” and being receptive to the answers? Well, Forsaken... [ View ]

The King Of Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter - There’s a lot of party card games out there. Most of them are for a bit more adult crowd. The King Of party card game, however, is safe to bring out with kids and grandparents present. A topic card i... [ View ]

Immortal Kings Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter - As you long-time readers know, I love big minis (and I cannot lie), especially if they’re robots or armored suits. Well, it seems a game has come along made just for me. It’s called Immortal Ki... [ View ]

Beginning - ... [ View ]

Marching Tetrahedra algorithm normals - ... [ View ]

FPS Control: When I look down, my character slows down. - ... [ View ]

Week 11; New Hazards, puzzles, etc. - ... [ View ]

Mingw objcopy undefined reference - ... [ View ]

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