KFC sued over dodgy chic, 43 die in Mexican bus crash and other World news

The world news of 2012-04-21 on Tamugaia - KFC sued over dodgy chicken, and 43 die in Mexican bus crash.
KFC sued over dodgy chicken - An Australian girl who suffered severe brain damage and was left paralysed by food poisoning has won a court case against fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken.... [ View ]

43 die in Mexican bus crash - At least 43 people have died in Mexico after a trailer broke loose from a cargo truck and slammed into a passenger bus.... [ View ]

TINY HOUSE PEOPLE - Tthere’s a new documentary coming called, "We the Tiny House People."... [ View ]

FACEBOOK GIRLFRIEND - Gizmodo is reporting about the popular new Facebook service - GirlfriendHire.... [ View ]

LOCH NESS MONSTER FOUND - The mystery of the Loch Ness monster has been... unlocked!... [ View ]

South Sudan to withdraw from disputed town - ... [ View ]

French voters’ ambivalence makes it tougher to predict presidential race - ... [ View ]

Sudanese president threatens war against South Sudan over oil field - ... [ View ]

George Zimmerman pictured with bloodied head after Trayvon Martin shooting - A photograph has emerged purportedly showing George Zimmerman with a bloody scalp, a piece of evidence that may give some credibility to his claim that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin and only opened fir... [ View ]

Killer ordered off death row - A convicted black killer has been ordered off death row after a judge in North Carolina decided racial bias played a role in his sentence, in the first case heard under a new law.... [ View ]

Asylum seekers detained after boat sinks - 4:01 PM... [ View ]

Pakistan probes Bhoja passenger jet crash - 2:46 PM... [ View ]

US woman spots lost dog on TV - 2:30 PM... [ View ]

6.1 quake strikes off Sumatra - 10:22 AM... [ View ]

Videos keep inmates, kids in touch - ... [ View ]

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