Jilted Mass Effect 3 fan, Fancy Pants iOS 1.02 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-03-19 on Tamugaia - Jilted Mass Effect 3 fan reports the game to the government, and Fancy Pants iOS 1.02.
Jilted Mass Effect 3 fan reports the game to the government - ... [ View ]

Fancy Pants iOS 1.02 - App update is live! Hopefully that’s the end of save files being lost and the game taking up too much space!... [ View ]

In Other News – 16 March 2012 Weekend Edition - ... [ View ]

Mass Effect 3 review – I’m Commander Shepard and…oh just buy this game already! - ... [ View ]

The Evopoints downloads of the week – 16/03/2012 - ... [ View ]

GameInformer - What We Want In Kingdom Hearts III - GameInformer - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is launching in Japan on March 29 and were super excited for it. Even though it wont hit North America until sometime this summer, were already dreamin... [ View ]

Top 20 Shocking Surprises and Secrets in Video Games - GR - "Video games are full of secrets, as designers often incorporate hidden areas, characters, and easter eggs for players to discover. These surprises and secrets often work to extend the length and repl... [ View ]

Week Recap: PS3 No. 2; Xbox 360 Bundle; Diablo III No. 1; PS Vita soft - Punch Jump Week Recap for week ending Mar. 17, 2012.... [ View ]

I Learned Something Today: X-COM: Terror from the Deep - Ethan Moses passes along lessons that every task force commander should know when facing an alien threat.... [ View ]

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