Japanese Scientists Solv, The Glowing Circle And A Hug and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2017-08-29 on Tamugaia - Japanese Scientists Solve Mystery of Disappearing Meteor Shower, and The Glowing Circle And A Hug.
Japanese Scientists Solve Mystery of Disappearing Meteor Shower - I’ve lost track of a lot of things in my day, but a meteor shower isn’t one of them. You’d think such a visible, prominent phenomenon would be a difficult thing to go missing, but that’s exactly wh... [ View ]

The Glowing Circle And A Hug - Life is not fair. It is full of love and loss. My high school class lost too many people (way too young) to accidents, sickness etc., before we even graduated. We all felt pain at such a young age. One in... [ View ]

Nevada’s Haunted Clown Motel is For Sale - How many scary, creepy or paranormal traits can be crammed into one location? The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, may be near the top of the list. It’s haunted; it’s on a long stretch of lonely deserte... [ View ]

Canadian Embassy in Ireland May Be Haunted - Being an ambassador is a tough job these days, even if you’re representing Canada, a country seemingly beloved by just about everybody, especially after electing everyone’s favorite hunk of a world lea... [ View ]

Tests are Being Conducted on 3-Fingered Alien Mummy Baby - If you were thinking, “Gee, we haven’t heard anything about those three-fingered alien Peruvian mummies lately,” today is your lucky day. Pull up chair, put on your alpaca chullo, pour a cup of fair... [ View ]

Naked and Afraid: Wild Men, “Grease Devils” and Other Oddities - Legends about “wild men” are a common feature throughout many (if not most) cultures around the world. While the idea of a hairy, ape-like chimera like Sasquatch immediately comes to mind, in s... [ View ]

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