Japanese Police Raid Hom, Americans Killed at Synagogue Include Grandson of Boston Rabbi and other World news

The world news of 2014-11-20 on Tamugaia - Japanese Police Raid Home of Suspect in Killings, and Americans Killed at Synagogue Include Grandson of Boston Rabbi.
Japanese Police Raid Home of Suspect in Killings - Japanese police raid home of woman suspected in deaths of several husbands and partners... [ View ]

Americans Killed at Synagogue Include Grandson of Boston Rabbi - Three Americans were among five people killed in a brutal synagogue attack in Jerusalem today.... [ View ]

Ferry Firm Head Gets 10 Years in Jail Over Sinking - Head of South Korean ferry operator sentenced to 10 years in jail over April sinking... [ View ]

Kerry in Diplomatic Overdrive on Iran Nuclear Deal - Kerry, in diplomatic overdrive, seeks path to Iran nuclear deal with Monday deadline looming... [ View ]

Gunman reported on US campus - 5:47 PM... [ View ]

Japan woman suspected of killing husbands - 3:42 PM... [ View ]

Terrorists younger, more violent: Bishop - 8:31 AM... [ View ]

Obama Leads With His Fists - John Dickerson, SlateThe idea of progress through engagement and a higher-minded approach to the zero-sum politics of the Bush years started dying not long after Obama had his first contact with a determi... [ View ]

The First Rule of Amnesty Fight Club - Robert Tracinski, The FederalistThose who saw the deeply odd 1999 movie remember that the first rule of Fight Club is: “You do not talk about Fight Club.” (The second rule: “You do not t... [ View ]

Obama Will Have a Hard Time Selling Amnesty - Greg Sargent, WaPoThere is little question that Democrats face a major challenge in persuading the public to support what Obama is set to announce tomorrow. The NBC poll tells the story nicely: While only... [ View ]

GruberGate's Insider Problem - Megan McArdle, BloombergI think there is something else to say about this little controversy, which is that it tells us a lot about the modern system of policy, as well as policy journalism.... [ View ]

The Solid South Will Rise Again - Charles Blow, New York TimesMaybe Democrats are simply giving up on Landrieu. Or maybe it’s something bigger: They’re giving up on the South, at least in the short term.This region has become... [ View ]

See Man Holding Toddler Allegedly Steal Box of Toys - The man was caught on a home surveillance camera in Pennsylvania.... [ View ]

Man With Rifle in His Car Arrested Near the White House - Secret Service found the weapon and ammo in his car.... [ View ]

Boss Of South Korea Ferry Operator Jailed - A court hears Kim Han-Sik allowed the ship to be overloaded and approved illegal renovations to increase its passenger capacity.... [ View ]

Boyfriend Killed Miss Honduras And Her Sister - Maria Jose Alvarado was just days away from competing in the Miss World pageant when she and her sister were shot dead.... [ View ]

RAF Jets Help Destroy Secret IS Bunker Complex - Fighter jets from seven countries join forces to launch an overnight attack on the underground facility in rural Iraq.... [ View ]

Ohio Man Cleared After 39 Years Behind Bars - Ricky Jackson will walk free on Friday after becoming the longest-held US prisoner to be cleared of all charges.... [ View ]

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