Islamic State Captures J, What Has Changed Since Airstrikes Against ISIS Began? and other World news

The world news of 2014-12-25 on Tamugaia - Islamic State Captures Jordanian Pilot In Syria, and What Has Changed Since Airstrikes Against ISIS Began?.
Islamic State Captures Jordanian Pilot In Syria - Jordan says one of its pilots was captured by the self-titled Islamic State in Syria. The plane crashed while the pilot was conducting airstrikes against the militants. The U.S. military is trying to deter... [ View ]

What Has Changed Since Airstrikes Against ISIS Began? - The U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS has been going on for nearly five months. Audie Cornish speaks to Eric Schmitt of... [ View ]

Pope Ushers In Xmas And Calls Iraqi Refugees - The Pontiff urges leaders to condemn attacks on Middle East Christians, and denounce anyone who uses religion to justify them.... [ View ]

Hong Kong police announce arrest of 12 protesters - ... [ View ]

Revealed: Police using pre-charge bail to muzzle protesters - ... [ View ]

The royal Christmas broadcast: 10 facts - From Edward VIII’s abdication to US police radio interference, the monarch’s message has not been without excitement... [ View ]

Christmas Day is supposed to be dull. Enjoy the novelty of utter boredom - ... [ View ]

Bin Laden Shooter Could Lose Profits for Revealing Information: Experts - Experts claim that former Navy SEAL under investigation for revealing classified information in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, could lose all profits made while disclosing the data.... [ View ]

Sneak Peak of Homeless Life: Untold Stories of US Hidden South - Sputnik talks to Brent Walker, who has been documenting the lives of the homeless, addicted and destitute on his doorstep in Georgia, USA. Brent uncovers their hopes, fears and the spirit that keeps them a... [ View ]

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