Iraqis flee fighting but, In Baghdad, Iranian fighters, paramilitary leader aid Iraq and other World news

The world news of 2014-06-15 on Tamugaia - Iraqis flee fighting but support insurgents, and In Baghdad, Iranian fighters, paramilitary leader aid Iraq.
Iraqis flee fighting but support insurgents - ... [ View ]

In Baghdad, Iranian fighters, paramilitary leader aid Iraq - ... [ View ]

Israel: Arrests In Hunt For Missing Teens - Around 80 Palestinian suspects have been detained as a major operation to find the trio continues in the West Bank.... [ View ]

Election Workers Caught In Afghan Bomb Attack - At least 11 people, including election workers, have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan, say officials.... [ View ]

Blair Denies Iraq Violence Result Of 2003 War - Tony Blair has hit out at critics who have linked the 2003 invasion of Iraq with the current violence in the country.... [ View ]

Russia Blames Ukraine Police Over Embassy Riot - Russia accuses Ukrainian police of inaction during a protest outside its embassy in Kiev which saw cars overturned and set alight.... [ View ]

Watch: Counterfeit Products May be Putting Your Family at Risk - Everything from fake over-the-counter cosmetics, shampoo and even prescriptions may pose a serious health threat.... [ View ]

Fake Wine, Batteries Among Goods Seized in Busts - From fake batteries and fake soap to fake perfume and fake ointment, click through to see some of the counterfeit goods that have been confiscated by police in busts.... [ View ]

Bergdahl Saluted When He Arrived Back in the US - ... [ View ]

Teetering Lake Home Set Ablaze by Crew - The 4,000-square-foot luxury home that has spent days teetering on the verge of collapsing into a Texas lake was set ablaze this morning after an attempt to pull the house back to solid ground failed.... [ View ]

Barack Obama: climate change deniers are ignoring science - US President says not believing in climate change is like saying moon made of cheese as he issued a call for action on global warming... [ View ]

Airstrikes kill about 100 militants in Pakistan - Pakistani jets pound militants in North Waziristan in the second strike since Karachi airport seizure... [ View ]

Iraq army begins fightback against ISIS - Iraq army begins fightback against ISIS... [ View ]

Tony Blair: the whole Middle East is under threat - but it is not our fault - Former prime minister argues in essay on his website that terrorists must be hit with force and that inaction over Syria has dragged the West toward the abyss... [ View ]

Iraq crisis: ISIS battles for Baghdad - live - Group claims mass killings of Iraqi troops, as militants battle security forces 50 miles from Baghdad... [ View ]

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