Iraqi PM vows to "cut he, Freedom in a town finally rid of ISIS and other World news

The world news of 2016-11-02 on Tamugaia - Iraqi PM vows to "cut head off snake" in ISIS battle, and Freedom in a town finally rid of ISIS.
Iraqi PM vows to "cut head off snake" in ISIS battle - ... [ View ]

Freedom in a town finally rid of ISIS - ... [ View ]

Could Mosul sandstorm hand advantage to ISIS? - ... [ View ]

Will new FBI controversy sway Ohio voters? - ... [ View ]

Fla. early voting update: Is there a hidden Trump vote? - ... [ View ]

Was a Trump computer server connected to Russia? - ... [ View ]

Saudi Student Dies After Beating Outside Pizza Joint - Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, 24, was attacked was left bloodied in the street near a pizza restaurant in a Wisconsin college town.... [ View ]

WATCH: Fighting Back Against Bullying - A teenage girl comes up with a solution to make sure no boy or girl has to eat lunch alone.... [ View ]

Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate - Enthusiasm for Clinton has ebbed since the renewal of the FBI’s investigation.... [ View ]

James Comey: The Man at the Center of the Clinton Email Investigation - FBI Director James Comey is no stranger to high-profile cases.... [ View ]

At Least 6 Killed in School Bus Crash - There were no children on the school bus.... [ View ]

EU trade deal? Been there, done that (as Canada's PM). Here are my tips for the UK - ... [ View ]

Cleavage goes bust: Vogue declares the décolletage 'over' - ... [ View ]

World's first zero-emissions hydrogen train to go into service in Germany - ... [ View ]

Market jitters over Trump fears as Clinton attacks heckler who called Bill 'a rapist': Wednesday US election briefing - ... [ View ]

Farmer who backs Tories demands apology after being 'duped' into appearing in SNP party broadcast - ... [ View ]

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