Intelligent alien life u, ATM-dwelling rat in India gobbles up $18,000 and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-06-26 on Tamugaia - Intelligent alien life unlikely, study claims, and ATM-dwelling rat in India gobbles up $18,000.
Intelligent alien life unlikely, study claims - Researchers at Oxford University maintain that we are probably the only intelligent life forms in the universe. The question of whether we are alone i...... [ View ]

ATM-dwelling rat in India gobbles up $18,000 - A rat that managed to gain access to an ATM machine ended up gorging itself on a small fortune in notes. The peculiar incident reportedly occurred in ...... [ View ]

Cafe closes doors due to paranormal activity - A cafe in San Antonio has closed up shop after its owners captured something unusual on camera. The On Live Hall of Fame Cafe, which opened back in No...... [ View ]

6/25/18: White House Press Briefing [VIDEO] - The White House Published on Jun 25, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 1M The White House... [ View ]

Capricorn Full Moon with Saturn – Stepping Up into Good Work, Healing Sex Trauma & Changing Groups [VIDEO] - RasaLilaHealing Published on Jun 25, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 19K Sign up for the ‘Eclipse of the Heart’ webinar – https://newparadigmastrology.com/ecli… Join our Patreon Community: http://... [ View ]

Now she’s facing indictment — will Seagram’s Heiress Clare Bronfman flip on NXIVM’s Keith Raniere? - Art Voice By Frank Parlato The following is entirely my own rank speculation. Clare Bronfman is a disciplined woman. If there was any woman in NXIVM that never cheated on the 500 calorie diet – it was Cl... [ View ]

As You Wish BBS Talk Radio – Saturday 6/23/2018 - ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel Published on Jun 24, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 11K Due to Original Special Guest Technical Difficulties: OPEN LINES. James takes Listener Calls. Come See Us! Visit http://ece... [ View ]

The State of Being… Triggerless - All That Is “The people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being”  Teal Swan The state of being triggered affects the vast major... [ View ]

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