Inside a Shaken White Ho, ‘No One Is Illegal’ Campaign aims to protect Norway’s ‘paperless’ refugees and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-09 on Tamugaia - Inside a Shaken White House, and ‘No One Is Illegal’ Campaign aims to protect Norway’s ‘paperless’ refugees.
Inside a Shaken White House - Noam Scheiber, The New RepublicClick here to join Noam Scheiber and Richard Just at 3 p.m. EST today for a livestream discussion about Obama's divided White House. Of all the historical anal... [ View ]

‘No One Is Illegal’ Campaign aims to protect Norway’s ‘paperless’ refugees - ... [ View ]

Is Obama His Own Worst Enemy? - Peter Wehner, Commentary... [ View ]

Obama's Silent Majority - Steve Kornacki, SalonEveryone knows that progressives have been growing increasingly disillusioned with Barack Obama since, well ... even before he took office. He's compromised too much, fought too... [ View ]

Blue State Armageddon on the Way? - Walter Russell Mead, Am. InterestPolicy, Politics & Culture The global financial crisis could be heading to a blue state near you: that is the latest grim news from the New York Times: ... [ View ]

Government Spending: The 19% Solution - Gillespie & de Rugy, ReasonNick Gillespie & Veronique de Rugy | December 5, 2010A value-added tax, a soda tax, a gas tax, banning earmarks,freezing a portion of federal spending at "pre-... [ View ]

French retirees claim second Picasso trove - 10:57 AM... [ View ]

Family all white after car crash - 10:00 AM... [ View ]

Alabama to oppose bail for Gabe Watson - 9:46 AM... [ View ]

Wikileaks: U.S. TV Shows 'Agents of Influence' - ... [ View ]

Wikileaks: Stop Us? You'll Have to Shut Down the Web - ... [ View ]

Gaunt, Scared U.S. Hostage Appears In New Taliban Video - ... [ View ]

Does China Inc. Rule? Not So Fast - ... [ View ]

U.S. Says It's Committed to Defend SKorea - ... [ View ]

More protests planned for defining day on tuition fees - ... [ View ]

US fails to sway Israel on settlements - ... [ View ]

€40m bonuses at Allied Irish Banks - ... [ View ]

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