Indie Gala Every Monday , RIP Mochi, World 3 Troubles and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2014-04-29 on Tamugaia - Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 5 Released, and RIP Mochi, World 3 Troubles.
Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 5 Released - Hardcore Gamer: The bare minimum gets you Crystal Picnic and The 11th Hour, which have got to be the two most polar opposite titles yet in a bundle. The $4 tier gets you those and Strategic Warfare in Euro... [ View ]

RIP Mochi, World 3 Troubles - Welp, looks like Mochi’s Version Control is offline (Mochi was shut down recently). World 3 used it reduce the size of the actual swf file that was distributed on sites, so the game just isn’t... [ View ]

Hitman GO review | Eurogamer - Paul Dean: At first glance, Hitman GO might seem like a strange departure for the series, a sudden and unusual tangent for the adventures of the cold, calculating killer named Agent 47.... [ View ]

Freedom Wars English Trailer Delves Into The Games Story - Sony have shared a new English-subtitled trailer for Freedom Wars, this one focusing on the games story.... [ View ]

FRACT OSC - Solving Puzzles With Music - Slide giant, glowing blocks around until the music changes and an elevator opens up: business as usual in FRACT OSC.... [ View ]

Fract OSC Review - ... [ View ]

House of Horrors - Betrayer Brings Black & White Terrors! - Zorine and Ed try to survive a desaturated world full of ghosts, skeletons, and shrieking pylons. Just how many times can they die in one sitting?... [ View ]

Jurassic Park Sega Genesis Highlights - MEGABIT - Join Peter and Chris as they relive a movie classic with Dr. Grant and as a Velociraptor in Jurassic Park.... [ View ]

GS News - Destiny Skipping PC; Xbox One and 360 Get Original TV! - Bungie explains why Destiny won’t come to PC and promises they aren’t favouring PlayStation over Xbox, while + Xbox Live gets a slate of original TV shows!... [ View ]

Feature: Child of Light’s battle system - An introduction and tips and tricks - ... [ View ]

Review: Child of Light (PS4) - ... [ View ]

Watch Dogs achievements list apparently leaked - ... [ View ]

Titanfall head Vince Zampella forms mobile studio - ... [ View ]

MLB 14: The Show video talks features ahead of PS4 release - ... [ View ]

Call of Duty is now an ESPN X Games event - ... [ View ]

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