Indian PM slams anti-cor, Pakistan amends tribal laws said to fuel militancy and other World news

The world news of 2011-08-18 on Tamugaia - Indian PM slams anti-corruption activist as protests over arrest spread, and Pakistan amends tribal laws said to fuel militancy.
Indian PM slams anti-corruption activist as protests over arrest spread - ... [ View ]

Pakistan amends tribal laws said to fuel militancy - ... [ View ]

In Egypt, Ghalia Alia Mahmoud is a new kind of TV chef - ... [ View ]

China’s newly rich are flaunting wealth — and giving Communist rulers a headache - ... [ View ]

Japan’s Prime Minister Kan, soon to step down, pushes nuclear phaseout - ... [ View ]

Family wants speedy trial for van der Sloot - ... [ View ]

Advancing Libyan rebels face stiff resistance - ... [ View ]

New details emerge about Sydney bomb-collar case - ... [ View ]

Bomb kills 14 on Afghan minibus - 4:53 PM... [ View ]

Malaysia keeps horse ban amid Hendra fears - 4:50 PM... [ View ]

Suicide truck bomb hits US Afghan base - 3:15 PM... [ View ]

UN to meet over Syria bloodshed - 2:36 PM... [ View ]

Fighting In Key City As Gaddafi Clings On - The battle for control of the key Libyan city of Zawiyah is continuing to rage with pro-Gaddafi and rebel forces still fighting street to street.... [ View ]

Wife Pays Tribute To Husband Killed By Shark - The wife of a British man killed in a horrific shark attack during their honeymoon has paid tribute to her "special husband" and thanked him for "nine years of joy".... [ View ]

Actor Thrown Off Flight After Urination Claim - French actor Gerard Depardieu was kicked off an aeroplane in Paris after he tried to urinate in a bottle before take-off.... [ View ]

Turkish jets bomb Kurdish rebel bases - Turkish jets have launched air raids on suspected Kurdish rebel bases in northern Iraq, Turkish and Kurdish media have reported.... [ View ]

British PM defends tough justice - British Prime Minister David Cameron backed tough sentences for rioters after campaigners expressed concern about two men jailed for four years each for trying to organise unrest on Facebook.... [ View ]

The empire’s last gasp - Twenty years ago, the Soviet Union was given its final diagnosis. The Address of the State Committee for the State of Emergency (GKChP), broadcast non-stop on all channels on August 19, 1991, sounded like... [ View ]

Russian Press at a Glance, Thursday, August 18, 2011 - A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, August 17 - Mock Mikhail Prokhorov campaign billboards pop up in Moscow Moscow to sell off hotels and movie theaters United Russia tackles drinking and drugs... [ View ]

August 1991: When Russia freed itself from communism - There were three main stages, in my view, in the process that resulted in the end of the communist Soviet Union in ‘91. The first one was the non-signing of the treaty to create a new confederation in Ju... [ View ]

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