In Other News – 02 Oct, Watch a professional Basketball player stick up for eSports and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-10-03 on Tamugaia - In Other News – 02 October 2015, and Watch a professional Basketball player stick up for eSports.
In Other News – 02 October 2015 - Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy falling for the ol’ soft kitty warm belly trap yet again.... [ View ]

Watch a professional Basketball player stick up for eSports - Colin Cowherd is trying to make right by having a chat with Gordon Hayward, an NBA star and League of Legends fanatic. Watch him be ignorant and embarass himself once again.... [ View ]

HDR gamma correction - ... [ View ]

Drawing 2D Volumetric Lines (Without Geometry Shaders) - ... [ View ]

Tools to know where threads are waiting/sleeping ? - ... [ View ]

Need help with texturing 3dobjects, using Slick Util and LWJGL - ... [ View ]

Privateer Press Announces December Releases - Privateer Press is letting people know what sort of things they can expect to be released in December. Hey, fall’s here. So that means Christmas is coming (as are the other winter holidays, of course... [ View ]

Battle For Zendikar set released for Magic: the Gathering - Magic: The Gathering was my gateway game into the hobby (as I’m sure it was for many of you reading this). I started back in 6th grade. 4th Edition, Ice Age, Alliances… those are the sets I rem... [ View ]

Kalidasa Expansion for Firefly Now Available - Gale Force 9 now has their Kalidasa expansion available in general release for the Firefly board game. Some of you at Gen Con picked up an advance copy, but the rest of the populace now is able to get it.... [ View ]

New Kensei and Nemesis Releases Available From Zenit Miniatures - Zenit Miniatures has their latest releases for both Kensei and Nemesis available over in their webshop. So whether you want your fantasy with a Far-Eastern flavor or more of a … I’m not exactly... [ View ]

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