Im Am Asking For Help, Weird Occurrences and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-09-23 on Tamugaia - Im Am Asking For Help, and Weird Occurrences.
Im Am Asking For Help - am writing this story because I am at the end of my wits. My name is Sara Rybak. I live with my boyfriend Luke in Hinckley, MN. We live on a beautiful tree farm in a 3 bedroom house. We moved in a year and... [ View ]

Weird Occurrences - ... [ View ]

Think I Am Crazy - To start off with, I am a widow of a United States army soldier (SPC. Joshua R. Campbell for those of you who need proof). He was killed in action on January 29, 2011. We do have a son together, and will b... [ View ]

A Review Of Conversation With God - ... [ View ]

Unknown Object Hovered Over San Francisco Airport - ... [ View ]

Who Is Really Sponsoring Transhumanism? - ... [ View ]

UFO Digest Newsletter September 22, 2011 - ... [ View ]

Glowing Object Flies Across Phoenix Sky – UFO? Meteor? – September 14, 2011 - ‘UFO over Desert Vista Stadium’: www.youtube.com “PHOENIX – Many residents around Arizona have reported seeing a “glowing object” fly across the night sky Wednesday. ABC... [ View ]

Is it black magic, voodoo, or witchcraft? Rumors swirl after more and more … – WTSP 10 News - Is it black magic, voodoo, or witchcraft? Rumors swirl after more and more …WTSP 10 NewsLast Halloween, headless goats and chickens covered a Miami street,Continue Reading »... [ View ]

Could You Get Hit By Space Junk? - You may have heard that there’s a one in 3,200 chance that you could get hit by space junk on Friday, when NASA’s six-ton UARSContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Fossil / Archaeology Mod Tutorial Minecraft 1.7.3 - Hay guys back with another mod today. This mod is pretty cool and it’s for 1.7.3. Hopefully you’ll best understand the tutorial. it’s simple reallyContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Levitra Overnight fedex >> Levitra Overnight cod >> Levitra no script needed cod Overnight - ... [ View ]

READER REPORT: Who the heck is Gary Jamison? - ... [ View ]

Skeptics: Anecdote is evidence! - ... [ View ]

Strange Things on the Moon - ... [ View ]

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