How do airlines rank in , Brady, Patriots respond to "Deflategate" penalties and other World news

The world news of 2015-05-12 on Tamugaia - How do airlines rank in on-time performance?, and Brady, Patriots respond to "Deflategate" penalties.
How do airlines rank in on-time performance? - ... [ View ]

Brady, Patriots respond to "Deflategate" penalties - ... [ View ]

Mom: Miss. man accused in cop killings heard voices, smoked synthetic pot - ... [ View ]

The most expensive artworks in pictures - Records for the most expensive art are being broken all the time, but these are the valuable masterpieces bidders have to beat at auction to make it into the top 10.... [ View ]

Francois Hollande visits Cuba to stake claim for business - French President becomes first Western leader to visit Havana since the 1980s as scramble for trade intensifies... [ View ]

Russians Flood Streets in Surge of Victory Day Patriotism - Hundreds of thousands marched on the streets of Moscow.... [ View ]

Photos: Russia Celebrates Victory Day - Russia marks 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany.... [ View ]

X-Ray Scan Uncovers Boy Smuggled in a Suitcase - See why he was stuffed in the bag.... [ View ]

How a Family Survived 33-Foot Waves While Stuck at Sea - Four yachts were caught in a storm with 33-foot waves off the coast of Portugal.... [ View ]

EU wants military action on smuggler boats - ... [ View ]

Hundreds of refugees rescued at sea - ... [ View ]

How asylum seekers in Italy fall through the cracks - ... [ View ]

Italian Navy finds wreckage of sunk migrant boat where hundreds perished - ... [ View ]

SkyWest Flight Lands Without Left Landing Gear - Passengers were told to brace for impact as a SkyWest flight prepared to land without its left main landing gear.... [ View ]

Bus Catches Fire, Explodes Along Highway - ... [ View ]

Cabinet post is a zero-hours contract, not a job, says Boris Johnson - ... [ View ]

Austria gives postal workers bags of treats to fend off aggressive dogs - ... [ View ]

Election 2015 live: David Cameron to chair first all-Tory cabinet in 18 years - ... [ View ]

Slut, white power logos, the N-word – can everything be reclaimed? - ... [ View ]

Warnings of Trojan horse complacency risk - Did the latest of six reports into Birmingham schools get to the bottom of events, or merely gloss over them?... [ View ]

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