How Did He Get In My Dre, Our Extra Clients and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-09 on Tamugaia - How Did He Get In My Dream?, and Our Extra Clients.
How Did He Get In My Dream? - ... [ View ]

Our Extra Clients - In 2005 I opened a day spa around the corner from the historic district in Conway. We opened the first week in December. About a week before Christmas we started hearing items being moved around but no one... [ View ]

Spirit Possession - ... [ View ]

Creepy House Experience - ... [ View ]

Ft.Worth Skycam Captures Something in the Sky - This may be something of interest, but then again, it may be nothing. A Ft. Worth, Texas, skycam, provided by a television station, captured something unusual in the night time ...... [ View ]

UFO at Bottom of the Sea? - An underwater exploration team, led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg, has found something a little out of the ordinary. Known for finding sunken ships and lost treasures, the team was ...... [ View ]

Aug 9, Weird Faces, Paranormal? - I took my granddaughters to walk the Gettysburg battlefield. While snapping pics I caught something in a few of them. These were at Little Round Top. I... [ View ]

Aug 9, Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Tours - My family went to the prison for the self-guided tour. It was on July 18th, 2011. The doors opened at 11am-4pm. We started our tour with a short film... [ View ]

Aug 9, Face on the headstone... - I do a lot of genealogy research for others. The resident of this particular grave was killed, along with other family members, when their vehicle was... [ View ]

Aug 9, Police Camps and Ghosts - Officer, I beg of you! You have to get me out of here! Please, officer! I was close to tears as I relived what horror I had experienced since the start... [ View ]

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