Horrible Happenings on H, From the Mouths of Murderers: Chilling Glimpses into the Minds of Our Worst Killers and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2017-10-12 on Tamugaia - Horrible Happenings on Halloween, and From the Mouths of Murderers: Chilling Glimpses into the Minds of Our Worst Killers.
Horrible Happenings on Halloween - Although generally a night of parties and laughter, Halloween has its dangerous side. The holiday began as the festival of Samhain during which ancient Celts would dress in costumes and light bonfires to w... [ View ]

From the Mouths of Murderers: Chilling Glimpses into the Minds of Our Worst Killers - We as a species have always had those who have paced about out on the periphery, targeting and picking people off just as a pack of wolves might do to a herd of deer. There just seems to be a group of indi... [ View ]

Channeling Fátima - Five months ago, Pope Francis was asked by reporters to comment on the Marian apparitions on Medjugorje, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina –formerly a part of Yugoslavia– where in 1981 a g... [ View ]

Vampire Removal in New York and Vampire Lynch Mobs in Malawi - Is it time to get serious about vampires? In the past month or so, we’ve seen a silly story about sprayable vampire repellent from Gwyneth Paltrow and a creepy tale about a professor of vampire studies c... [ View ]

Unexplained Spike in European Radiation Worries Health Officials - If you thought the Cold War ended with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, you’re wrong. Recent events show that shadowy espionage, international intrigue, and the looming threat of global annihilation a... [ View ]

Smart Devices Are Snitching On Owners And Rewriting The Criminal Justice System - Activist Post By Nicholas West A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices. Several cases o... [ View ]

Massive energy pulse above both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans! – Origin Antarctica [VIDEO] - MrMBB333 Published on Oct 11, 2017 October 11, 2017: Large atmospheric energy anomalies are appearing over both oceans at nearly the same time, covering large areas of the South Atlantic and South Pacific.... [ View ]

The Oracle Report – Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - The Oracle Report  Disseminating Moon Phase:  communicate, share Moon in Cancer Sun: 19 Libra – “a gang of robbers in hiding” True Alignments:  allowing time for things to resolve/come... [ View ]

Lisa Renee – Mirror Neurons and Empathy - Energetic Synthesis A mirror neuron is a nerve cell that fires when the person observes an action being performed by another person. The neurons that fire in response to seeing actions taken by someone els... [ View ]

Facebook, Instagram Experiencing “Extreme” Outages As Complaints Pile Up - Zero Hedge Facebook and Instagram are down for thousands of users across the world this morning, with websites like Outage Report recording “extreme” outages in the US Hungary, Kosovo, Germany, Poland... [ View ]

A Burnt Man Called Aizel - ... [ View ]

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