Honduran Leader Claims C, AP Exclusive: Snow May Have Slowed NKorea Launch and other World news

The world news of 2012-12-08 on Tamugaia - Honduran Leader Claims Conspiracy to Repeat Coup, and AP Exclusive: Snow May Have Slowed NKorea Launch.
Honduran Leader Claims Conspiracy to Repeat Coup - ... [ View ]

AP Exclusive: Snow May Have Slowed NKorea Launch - ... [ View ]

Ruling Party Gets Majority in Legislative Election - ... [ View ]

Egypt: Protesters Breach Palace Barricade - Opponents of Mohamed Morsi break through barbed wire outside the presidential palace in Cairo as demonstrations continue.... [ View ]

Pregnant Kate: Radio Station Faces Backlash - The CEO of the radio station behind the Duchess of Cambridge hoax call says his DJs are "shattered" by the death of a nurse.... [ View ]

Gangnam Style Singer Sorry For Anti-US Songs - The Gangnam Style singer apologises after reports surface about two of his past performances which criticised the US military.... [ View ]

Obama Asks Congress For $60.4bn In Sandy Aid - President Barack Obama submits his $60.4bn (£37.7bn) Superstorm Sandy relief request to Congress.... [ View ]

Fresh riots break out in Belfast - Rioting has broken out in Belfast in the latest flare of violence in Northern Ireland, just hours after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the troubled British province urging peace.... [ View ]

UK to allow gay marriages in churches - Britain is set to announce plans to allow gay marriages in churches and other religious buildings, officials say, although PM David Cameron insists no faith group would be forced to hold them.... [ View ]

Syria regime boosts troops in Damascus - Syrian activists say regime forces are firing rockets and mortars at suburbs around the capital, Damascus, amid heavy clashes with rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad.... [ View ]

Moroccan charged with spying in Germany - Federal prosecutors say they have filed espionage charges against a German-Moroccan man on allegations he spied on Moroccan opposition supporters in Germany for the country’s government.... [ View ]

Russians Tired of Rallies But Not Politics – Analysis - One year ago, large-scale street protests in Moscow seemed to overturn the indifference toward politics that had dominated the Russian public consciousness for much of the 2000s.... [ View ]

‘Falcon Case’ Exposes Russia’s Wildlife Drain - The Russian authorities scored a high-profile success when they intercepted 49 rare falcons destined for two Arab sheikhs’ birdhouses, but the rate at which rare species are trafficked out of the country... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, December 7 - Russia to Get Back at US for Magnitsky List/ Experts Forecast Medvedev’s Resignation Next Spring/ European Commission Targets Offshore Schemes, Affects Russian Businesses... [ View ]

Royal prank, meant for laughs, ends in tragedy - ... [ View ]

Obama asks for $60.4B Sandy aid - ... [ View ]

Details scarce as 2nd Powerball winner steps up -- anonymously - ... [ View ]

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