Hero teacher who talked , Discovered, new Mozart portrait that shows musician without his wig and other World news

The world news of 2013-01-12 on Tamugaia - Hero teacher who talked student gunman out of rampage, and Discovered, new Mozart portrait that shows musician without his wig.
Hero teacher who talked student gunman out of rampage - A Californian teacher who talked a teenage gunman into handing over his loaded shotgun was praised by police as a hero, and credited with saving the lives of his class.... [ View ]

Discovered, new Mozart portrait that shows musician without his wig - A round-faced young man with a thick head of hair depicted in a tiny 18th century portrait that had the experts puzzled for centuries now has a name - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.... [ View ]

Ohio sex charges become major US cause - 3:51 PM... [ View ]

US to speed up Afghan military transfer - 1:57 PM... [ View ]

Sri Lanka impeaches chief justice - 11:37 AM... [ View ]

Rebels take largest Syria military airbase - 11:29 AM... [ View ]

Obama: US troops to move into Afghan support role in spring - U.S. troops in Afghanistan will move into a support role starting this spring, President Barack Obama announced at a joint news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Friday.... [ View ]

Video: US troops to transition into support role in Afghanistan - On Friday Obama announced an accelerated timetable to transfer control to Afghan forces, but it’s still unclear how many American troops – if any -- will remain after 2014. NBC’s Kristen Welker repor... [ View ]

Cops: BBC legend Savile committed 214 sex crimes - Former BBC star Jimmy Savile was one of Britain’s “most prolific” sex offenders, committing at least 214 crimes against victims aged as young as 8, police said Friday.... [ View ]

US nuclear submarine hits fishing vessel in Gulf - A nuclear-powered American attack submarine hit a suspected fishing trawler after it passed through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf on Thursday, a Navy official said.... [ View ]

Belfast bus torched by angry loyalists - Police in Northern Ireland have fired plastic bullets and water cannon as pro-British loyalists furious over restrictions on flying the British flag torched a bus and hurled petrol bombs.... [ View ]

Nepal bus veers off pass - 30 dead - A police official says a bus veered off a mountain road in west Nepal leaving at least 30 people dead and several more injured.... [ View ]

At least 42 dead in China landslide - A landslide has killed at least 42 people including seven from a single family when it smashed into a remote village in south-western China.... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, January 11 - Fewer Russians Mourn Collapse of Soviet Union/ Duma, Get Lost! / Investors Free of Crisis Fears... [ View ]

Russian Press at a Glance, Friday, January 11, 2013 - A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today... [ View ]

Transmissions from a Lone Star: French Tax Exile Gerard Depardieu Is My Hero - I’m not a fan of class warfare, so when I heard recently that Gerard Depardieu had blown a fuse at the prospect of being taxed at 75 percent on his earnings, I sympathized.... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, January 10 - Swiss Prosecutors Investigate Magnitsky Case/ President Moves to Tighten Registration Rules/ A Letter to Gerard Depardieu... [ View ]

Uncertain World: Another Year with Bashar al-Assad - The year 2013 began much like 2012 – with news of fighting in Syria and predictions that the tide is about to turn in the country’s protracted civil war. However, confidence that the dictator’s days... [ View ]

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