Hatred Review, Flying a plane, digging tunnels and riding bears - Lego Worlds and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-06-02 on Tamugaia - Hatred Review, and Flying a plane, digging tunnels and riding bears - Lego Worlds.
Hatred Review - Hatred is perfect fodder for “What other people think I do/What my parents think I do” memes--memes that would include tiny boxes for “What the media thinks Hatred is,” “What 14-year-olds think H... [ View ]

Flying a plane, digging tunnels and riding bears - Lego Worlds - In this quick gameplay clip from Lego Words you fly a plane to a new island, find a nice lady, then find a digging machine and dig tunnels. Then you find a bear and tame it, what a full day!... [ View ]

Watch This Gigantic, Hand-Drawn Viking God Battle From Jotun - You always hear about the vikings who die gloriously in battle and are lifted up to Valhalla for non-stop combat and revelries. Jotun is an indie game that takes a different approach; as the Norse warrior... [ View ]

New Ant-Man images hit the web - Marvel has released a whole new batch of Ant-Man images online, giving us a another look at the film’s ensemble cast, including a first glimpse of David... [ View ]

Sofia Coppola drops out of Little Mermaid remake - Sofia Coppola has walked away from Universal’s forthcoming remake of The Little Mermaid, with Deadline reporting that the director has cited creative... [ View ]

Eddie Redmayne officially confirmed for Harry Potter spin-off - Eddie Redmayne has officially signed on to head up Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, with the Oscar-winner set to play... [ View ]

Dwayne Johnson will (re)make Big Trouble In Little China - After audiences hurried to see disaster strike in blockbuster San Andreas - it snagged $54 million at the box office over the weekend - it seems as if... [ View ]

Avengers duke it out in cancelled Marvel fighting game - Marvel’s The Avengers and, more recently, Avengers: Age of Ultron have done gangbusters at the box office, but slapping Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (™) into... [ View ]

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