Hackers Play Game on Bil, Titanic Violin Determined to Be Genuine and other World news

The world news of 2013-03-16 on Tamugaia - Hackers Play Game on Billboard, and Titanic Violin Determined to Be Genuine.
Hackers Play Game on Billboard - ... [ View ]

Titanic Violin Determined to Be Genuine - ... [ View ]

Mexican Police Seize 9 Tons of Marijuana, Weapons - ... [ View ]

Judge Orders 6 Men to Trial in Rapes Tourists - ... [ View ]

NFL TO BECOME FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE - The NFL is changing its rules to outlaw tackling. It will now be a flag football league.... [ View ]

CASEY ANTHONY PREGNANT - Sources confirm to WWN that Casey Anthony is pregnant.... [ View ]

OBAMACARE COVERS CATS AND DOGS - Americans just discovered that cats and dogs are covered under the Affordable Care Act. But the pets are required to have insurance!... [ View ]

The Doctor Won't See You Now - Scott Gottlieb, Wall Street JournalBig government likes big providers. That's why ObamaCare is gradually making the local doctor-owned medical practice a relic. In the not too distant future, most ph... [ View ]

Republicans Spin Their Wheels on Health Care - Steve Benen, MSNBCt was just two months ago when it seemed the fight in Washington over health care was largely over. After all, what more was there to fight about? The election was over; the Supreme Cour... [ View ]

Obama's Sequester Gambit Bombs - Mike Rosen, Denver PostPresident Obama apparently believes that the younger generation and his low-information voter base have never heard of the time-dishonored Washington Monument Gambit. It has its roo... [ View ]

GOP's Ridiculous White House Tour Outrage - Juliet Lapidos, NY TimesNot since Benghazi — no, not since Fast and Furious has the G.O.P. seemed this intent on second-guessing the Obama administration. I refer, of course, to the matter of Wh... [ View ]

Gays Deserve the Chance to Marry - Sen. Rob Portman, Columbus DispatchI have come to believe that if two people are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in good times and in bad, the government shouldn&apo... [ View ]

3 astronauts return to Earth from space station - ... [ View ]

U.S. ramping up missile defense to meet North Korea threat - ... [ View ]

Argentine publisher reissues book on Pope Francis - ... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, March 15 - Dear Gérard Duma Deputies Agree to Give up Foreign Stock, Keep Property Baku Suspects US of Wanting to Stage Revolution... [ View ]

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