HBO GO vs. HBO NOW, How to Fix iPhone XS Battery Life Issues and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2019-01-16 on Tamugaia - HBO GO vs. HBO NOW, and How to Fix iPhone XS Battery Life Issues.
HBO GO vs. HBO NOW - You have always felt embarrassed while watching those off the track scenes from movies while sitting with your parents especially those that seem to go on for a long time.... [ View ]

How to Fix iPhone XS Battery Life Issues - With a typical battery usage of about 10-12 hours, you can expect the best from your new iPhone XS. However, you may soon experience a rapid battery drain instead of... [ View ]

Top Best PS4 Games - If you are planning to pick up the latest gaming console PlayStation 4 or the Pro version, you have to treasure the extensive library of games you can play. Whether... [ View ]

How to record a computer screen - In the digital age, when you have lots of great things going on your computer screen, you might probably want to record it and share it with a friend or... [ View ]

iPhone XR Tips and Tricks - With the pre-orders of the new iPhone XR about to start pouring in, you may want to pick a device that caters to your choice of color and provides you... [ View ]

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