Greek Creditor Talks To , Entrepreneurs Emerge As Cuba Loosens Control and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-20 on Tamugaia - Greek Creditor Talks To Continue Tuesday, and Entrepreneurs Emerge As Cuba Loosens Control.
Greek Creditor Talks To Continue Tuesday - Athens struggled to convince officials from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund that the country could meet strict budget targets promised in return for t... [ View ]

Entrepreneurs Emerge As Cuba Loosens Control - In communist Cuba, thousands of small private businesses have cropped up since the government eased its control of the economy. But entrepreneurs still face limitations, like restrictions on advertising.... [ View ]

With Police Lurking, Dissidents Meet In Syria - Syrians have been protesting against President Bashar Assad for months. This weekend, the dissidents were allowed to meet — though it was under the watchful eye of the security police.... [ View ]

In Yemen, Protesters Clash With Security Forces - Michele Norris speaks with Erika Solomon, Gulf correspondent for Reuters, about clashes between government troops and protesters in Yemen Monday.... [ View ]

Deeper Than Oil: The Arbat – home to snowmen, sometimes - I’ve been living for the last five years or so in an apartment just off the Old Arbat, Moscow’s main tourist stretch. It’s also the gathering place for a bizarre collection of street musicians, begga... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, September 19 - South Stream shareholders sign binding agreement / “Socialism with a human face” in 2011 election comeback / MAK releases preliminary findings on YAK-42 air crash... [ View ]

Pak court directs authorities to block access to Facebook - ... [ View ]

Krishna could meet Khar on sidelines of UNGA - ... [ View ]

India, China growth good for world economy: US - ... [ View ]

Italy downgrade adds to eurozone contagion fears - ... [ View ]

350 injured on bloodiest day of Yemen uprising - ... [ View ]

Fire service reorganisation was a £500m failure, say MPs - ... [ View ]

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