Google boss begins contr, Best frenemies: Karzai, Obama to hold key talks and other World news

The world news of 2013-01-08 on Tamugaia - Google boss begins controversial N. Korea visit, and Best frenemies: Karzai, Obama to hold key talks.
Google boss begins controversial N. Korea visit - Google Executive Chairman Eric E. Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson arrived in North Korea on Monday to begin a controversial private mission.... [ View ]

Best frenemies: Karzai, Obama to hold key talks - Competing emotions will hang over this week’s crucial one-on-one meeting between Presidents Barack Obama and Hamid Karzai in Washington. Amid heightened tensions between the two countries, Obama and Karz... [ View ]

Pack of stray dogs kills three adults and one baby in Mexico - Mexico City police have rounded up stray dogs in an ecological reserve fter a pack of them apparently killed four people, including a mother and her baby, in recent days.... [ View ]

China: press freedom row erupts over censored editorial - A bitter feud over press freedom has sparked growing protest in China threatening to throw up the first major challenge to incoming president Xi Jinping.... [ View ]

Illinois Lottery: $1m Winner Poisoned To Death - Mystery surrounds the death of Urooj Khan, who died from a fatal dose of cyanide on the brink of receiving his lottery winnings.... [ View ]

Kenyan Runner Tackled By Race Spectator - A Kenyan wins the annual Kings Race in Brazil, despite having to overcome a major hurdle.... [ View ]

UK soldier shot dead in Afghanistan - 6:47 PM... [ View ]

Police choke up over Batman massacre - 4:12 PM... [ View ]

Restaurant bill sparks deadly Indian riot - 3:41 PM... [ View ]

Maldives girl faces flogging for sex - 3:41 PM... [ View ]

US-wanted hacker arrested in Thailand - 3:41 PM... [ View ]

US lottery winner poisoned - Not long after winning a $1m jackpot with a scratch-off lottery ticket, a Chicago man has been poisoned with cyanide.... [ View ]

Wild dogs kill 4 in Mexico City park - Wild dogs have mauled and killed four people whose bodies were found over the past two weeks in a park on the edge of Mexico City, authorities have confirmed.... [ View ]

Hagel draws fire in Obama security revamp - US President Barack Obama has nominated controversial former Republican senator Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon and hard-nosed counter-terrorism czar John Brennan to head the CIA.... [ View ]

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