Google Cloud Offers Cost, Telcos Move to Sharing Economy as Fiber Dream Grips Europe and other Internet news

The internet news of 2017-08-26 on Tamugaia - Google Cloud Offers Cost Break for Users Not Picky on Performance, and Telcos Move to Sharing Economy as Fiber Dream Grips Europe.
Google Cloud Offers Cost Break for Users Not Picky on Performance - Google is hoping to give its cloud users more control with new network tiers that help them optimize for either performance or cost savings....... [ View ]

Telcos Move to Sharing Economy as Fiber Dream Grips Europe - The sharing economy is spreading to European telecommunications providers, which are collaborating to speed the delivery of ultra-fast broadband over fiber-optic cables. Read More...... [ View ]

How to Upsell Freelance Design Services - Every freelance designer wants to hang on to their best clients, and maintain a meaningful business relationship. Working with the same team for a long period of time has some direct benefits — particul... [ View ]

10 Free Color Palettes From 10 Famous Paintings - If you want to learn a thing or two about color, why not look to the true masters whose artistic work has stood the test of time? Great painters almost always possess a keen understanding of color that is... [ View ]

20 Must-Know Typography Terms for Beginners - No designer wants to look like a rookie. Crafting projects with beautiful typography is one way to look like a pro every time. Today, we’re going to delve into the language of typography. It’s a great... [ View ]

What Is IconShock? (& Get a Free Icon Set!) - IconShock has provided a great collection of unique virtual and augmented reality icons. Perfect for use in projects that relate to this new and growing industry, so we’re excited to bring you this exclu... [ View ]

Powerful Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall in Texas - Hurricane Harvey, a powerful storm that forecasters warn could bring catastrophic flooding, made landfall on the Texas coast late Friday.... [ View ]

Subpoenas Sent to PR Executives Who Worked on Manafort Project - Special Counsel Robert Mueller is seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on a lobbying campaign organized by Paul Manafort, sources say.... [ View ]

Hurricane Harvey Poses Big Test for Trump - Trump faces a test in the form of Hurricane Harvey as FEMA sought to assure residents of Texas and Louisiana Friday that the agency is prepared.... [ View ]

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