Gentlemen Rats in Outer , Helios and the Spartan and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-08-10 on Tamugaia - Gentlemen Rats in Outer Space, and Helios and the Spartan.
Gentlemen Rats in Outer Space - Gentlemen Rats in Outer Space is a physics puzzle game. Your task is to help the rats to shoot the cheese made moon. Try to use the gravity of the surrounding planets to your advantage.... [ View ]

Helios and the Spartan - Helios and the Spartan is a combination between a hack and slash game and the classic game Breakout. Fight of the undead warriors and keep the ball (Helios) in the air at the same time. To to survive for 3... [ View ]

Experimental Shooter - Your goal in this puzzle shooting game is to remove all the white balls from the playing field. Each level has different rules to complete the task.... [ View ]

Spectromancer: Truth and Beauty - In the turn-based fantasy card game Spectromancer: Truth and Beauty you can participate in magical duels strategically using spells, summoning creatures and using five elements to win each duel.... [ View ]

Soul Tax - In the action game Soul Tax you are a ghost that needs to collect souls in order to pay the tax and get a peacefull afterlife. Scare and kill all people in each office to get the job done.... [ View ]

News: Driver® San Francisco Demo (360, PS3) - ... [ View ]

News: Simraceway - Steelseries and Ignite Unite (all) - ... [ View ]

News: EDGE Contest - win shed loads! (all) - ... [ View ]

News: Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Gets USA Eagles Official License (all) - ... [ View ]

News: Introducing the myPES companion (all) - ... [ View ]

Disgaea 3 Headed to Vita With New Content in Tow - Nippon Ichi is adding four new scenarios to bring to Sony's handheld.... [ View ]

Nintendo Wants Your Zelda Flipnotes to Show Miyamoto - A flipnote contest has been announced by Nintendo along with a new anniversary website.... [ View ]

1UP Presents Issue 2: Deus Ex, Kid Icarus, Starbreeze, and More! - The second issue of 1UP's print-on-demand magazine is live! Read about games the old fashioned way.... [ View ]

EA Sports Season Ticket Subscription Discounts DLC, Lets You Play Early - Get a 20% discount on DLC and play certain games three days early by paying a yearly fee.... [ View ]

MLGLive.com has launched their Gaming Community Website with Free Contest Give A Ways - MLGLive.com has launched their Gaming Community Website with Free Contest Give A Ways and prizes of 8,000 Microsoft Points and 3 World of Warcraft game time cards per week.... [ View ]

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