Ganja free: Jamaica decr, World Cup 2014 live! and other World news

The world news of 2014-06-13 on Tamugaia - Ganja free: Jamaica decriminalises marijuana for personal use, and World Cup 2014 live!.
Ganja free: Jamaica decriminalises marijuana for personal use - ... [ View ]

World Cup 2014 live! - ... [ View ]

Mark Webber returns to Le Mans with respect and anticipation - ... [ View ]

San Antonio Spurs 107-86 Miami Heat -as it happened! - ... [ View ]

Watch: Couple Helps Kids Get Indestructable Soccer Balls so They Can Play - Tim and Lisa Jahnigen have a goal of giving out 1 million soccer balls to poor children all over the world.... [ View ]

The Islamic Group Threatening Iraq Is Too Extreme for Al Qaeda - The militant Islamic group known as ISIS has taken control of the Iraqi cities of Mosul of Tikrit this week, moving closer to its goal of creating a unified Islamic state that straddles the Iraq and Syrian... [ View ]

Walmart Trucker Pleads Not Guilty in Tracy Morgan Crash - Kevin Roper was charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto.... [ View ]

World Cup 2014: protesters damage TV studio as they rampage through Rio de Janeiro - Protesters mark the opening match of the World Cup by throwing stones, damaging a TV studio and burning the Brazilian flag in Rio de Janeiro... [ View ]

Iraq crisis: al-Qaeda militants push towards Baghdad - 12 June as it happened - US and UK speak of deep concern as al-Qaeda take swathes of northern Iraq, sparking exodus of civilians - follow latest developments... [ View ]

ISIS in Iraq: Who can halt the jihadis now? - The West is partly to blame for the emergence of extremists sweeping through Iraq, says Con Coughlin... [ View ]

Another teenager found hanged in India after reported rape in police station - Girl would be fourth to die in such a way in recent weeks in Uttar Pradesh state... [ View ]

Islamist Fighters Poised For March On Baghdad - Insurgents take more territory in eastern Iraq as the US says it will consider "all options" to stop the fighters.... [ View ]

World Cup Kicks Off With Parties And Protests - Brazil star Neymar brings the World Cup to life but the celebrations are marred by protests across the country.... [ View ]

Off-Duty Cop Saves Man From Gas Station Blast - Newly-released footage shows a fiery car crash at a gas station, and how an off-duty cop drags a man out of his car.... [ View ]

Iraq Is Vietnam 2.0 - Leslie Gelb, The Daily BeastWhen the jihadis took over the city of Mosul and began their march towards Baghdad, Washington was of course shocked. But officials, legislators, and policy experts in that fai... [ View ]

Who Lost Iraq? George W. Bush - Fareed Zakaria, Washington PostIt is becoming increasingly likely that Iraq has reached a turning point. The forces hostile to the government have grown stronger, better equipped and more organized. And h... [ View ]

Rescue Democracy in Iraq - John McTernan, The Guardian... [ View ]

With Cantor, 'Movement Conservatism' Unravels - Paul Krugman, NYTHow big a deal is the surprise primary defeat of Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader? Very. Movement conservatism, which dominated American politics from the election of... [ View ]

Eric Cantor is Underappreciated - Stephen Moore, National ReviewEric Cantor must have woken up this morning feeling like the Rodney Dangerfield of American politics: I get no respect.In the aftermath of his stunning loss, Mr. Cantor has b... [ View ]

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